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May 4th, 2021

New update in CS:GO. A new case has been added and Train removed!

Valve has released a global update for CS:GO. New case, chicken models and a new map in the competitive map pool.

Operation Broken Fang has officially ended. Players who have not spent stars will still have this opportunity until May 15.

A new service has been released - CS: GO 360 Stats, a subscription costs $1 per month, it collects complete statistics from the "Competitive" and "Partners" game modes.

The Snakebite Collection case has appeared, there are 17 new weapon skins and a set of gloves from Operation Broken Fang.

Major changes for the esports component, Train has been removed from the active map pool, and this map will be replaced by Ancient.

skinsfromsnakebitecollection.jpgSkins from case Snakebite Collection


Gloves from case Snakebite Collection

Also small changes from the update

  • The chicken models have received a visual enhancement.
  • Fixed community maps showing black textures as a result of previous security fixes.
  • The "\" key can again be bound to commands. If you've used this key before, you'll need to bind it again.
  • Additional security and stability improvements.
  • Added an option for large community map developers to remove the player contrast enhancement from the fog plane by setting the fadeplayervisibilityfarz parameter to "true" for the info_map_parameters command.