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June 30th, 2021

Nemiga - Akuma; 100PG - Spirit: Predicts for StarLadder CIS RMR 2021

Match predictions: Nemiga vs. Akuma and 100PG vs. Team Spirit in StarLadder CIS RMR 2021.

16:00 - Team Spirit vs. 100PG @ BO3

Team Spirit are now going unbeaten, they have 3 wins in a row. They managed to win: Entropiq, K23 and Virtus.pro. In all matches, they gave away one map.

They rate Dust 2 with their map, Team Spirit, play well on Overpass and surprised us with good preparation on Nuke. They have won twice on Inferno and once on Nuke in the most difficult overtimes (31:29 in favor of Entropiq). They try to ban: Vertigo and Ancient.


100PG sensationally defeated Virtus.pro with a 2:1 map score, but then lost to Entropiq 1:2. They play well on Dust 2 and Overpass, there are problems with Nuke. They try to ban: Vertigo and Mirage.

Much will depend on the choice of maps, the 100PG pool is very similar to Team Spirit and therefore a lot will depend on the individual performance, which is many times higher for the Spirits.

Bookmakers don't believe in 100PG, the odds on them are 5.15, and on Team Spirit - 1.15. Very low quotes, but you can believe in 2:0 from Spirit for 1.57.

Predict: Team Spirit will win 100PG with a score of 2:0 - odds 1.57

16:00 - Nemiga Gaming vs. Akuma @ BO3

Nemiga started the tournament with a loss to Gambit Esports, they were able to take Inferno 16:14, but lost to Vertigo 15:19, on Dust 2 without a chance - 3:16.

In the game with NAVI, Nemiga continued to take Inferno, where they lost at 7:16, but they were surprised by the correction of errors on Dust 2, they managed to beat NAVI there at 16:12. On the decisive map, Nemiga fell a little again and lost to Natus Vincere, although it looked very decent. They try to ban: Ancient, Nuke, Overpass.


Akuma has no wins in this tournament so far, they lost to NAVI 5:16 at Mirage and 6:16 at Nuke. The team continues to rate with their Mirage map, but they fail to win there. Against Gambit Esports, they took Inferno, but lost there 6:16, and on Vertigo they were weaker 10:16. Try to ban: Overpass and Ancient.

This StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 shows that Akuma did not play cleanly at the EPIC League CIS 2021. Akuma has a good Mirage in the pool, although this roster is hard to believe, since after the match with NAVI, two players announced a search for a team (we are talking from SENSEi and j3kie).

Bookmakers give 3.46 odds on Akuma and 1.288 on Nemiga Gaming. It is quite logical that there is no faith in Akuma, we advise you to believe in 2:0 from Nemiga, for this coefficient is about 1.4 - 1.5.

Predict: Nemiga Gaming will easily beat Akuma 2:0 - odds 1.5

In the next few hours, we will publish predictions for the next line of today's matches: forZe versus NAVI and K23 versus Virtus.pro.