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May 15th, 2021

MSI 2021 Rumble Stage First Day Results

In the first match of the day, DAMWON KIA faced the victors of Group A, Royal Never Give Up. The Koreans took the lead in the beginning, but Khan died several times right before the dragons respawn. The Chinese quickly recouped and drove DWG under the base.

China turned out to be stronger than Korea. The second game between the teams will take place on May 18th.

Next, MAD Lions was tested for strength by Pentanet.GG. The Australians performed well in team fights, but failed in farming and controlling neutral objects. The Lions won without any problems in 26 minutes.

PSG Talon had a principled match against DAMWON KIA: the team from the Pacific region often upset Korean teams in international competitions, but this time they failed to do so. DWG won in less than half an hour.

Cloud9 had a good fight Royal Never Give Up: Malphite pick to the top made the American team stronger in team fights, and Lee Sin in the mid lane became a source of damage and survivability.

Despite this, the RNGs were able to end the game in their favor, cleverly making a backdoor, while C9 took Baron Nashor.

In the fifth match of the game day, Pentanet.GG tried to surprise PSG Talon with Zed's pick, but Sylas in mid from Maple did not let PGG get the first victory. PSG Talon quickly finished the game in their favor.

For the match against MAD Lions, Cloud9 prepared Kindred's pick for mid. Despite good performance from Perkz, the team missed out on an early lead by donating a triplekill to Elyoya.

In the entire game, the North American squad managed to make only 7 kills. MAD Lions finished the map in their favor in 26 minutes.

Team Standings

Team Standings

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