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May 8th, 2021

MSI 2021: Results of the third game day. Group C

DAMWON KIA vs DetonatioN FocusMe

The Japanese surprised Koreans with Urgot's pick to the top. With Udyr's gang, they manage to realize the threat and earn FB on Gankplank. Yutapon makes a mistake on the bottom lane and dives too much, because of this Ghost earns a doublekill, but after a few minutes Khan dies again on the top lane, and Aria kills Xayah. At 10 minutes, the situation on the top becomes catastrophic: Gankplank dies for the third time. DAMWON KIA didn't lose their grip and farm more than their opponents. Khan dies again at 15 minutes, but this time in exchange for a tower in the bot. By the 18th minute, DFM took 2 enemy champions on a bot and 3 dragons in a row: clouds began to gather over DWG. They tried to pick up the baron at 21 minutes, but only donated him to DFM. Khan again makes a mistake on the 24th minute and gives the tower to T3. At the 29th minute, the next skirmish takes place for the second Baron. DetonatioN FocusMe take the Buff, but exchange 2 for 3. DFM take the soul of the cloud dragon, but lose Kazu on the bottom lane. The Japanese took the third in a row Baron Nashor, but made a fatal mistake in the fight in the 38th minute and lost the game.

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DetonatioN FocusMe




Cloud9 vs Infinity Esports

C9 picked Tristana to mid for PerkZ. SolidSnake makes a smart move at 3 minutes and earns FB for his team. Udyr continued to dominate the map: a successful gank to the top at the end of 10 minutes allowed him to increase his advantage. Infinity Esports continued to dominate the map, taking in more and more space. They managed to make another kill on the bot, but in exchange they lost the tower to mid. On the 19th minute, C9 manages to make his first kill at the top and destroy another tower. A minute later, the North American roster finally leveled off in gold, taking Udyr and the third dragon in a row. A fight for 26 minutes becomes key: Cloud9 manages to make three minuses and take the soul of the sea dragon, and then kill Baron Nashor. At the 33rd minute, they take the Elder Dragon, and then the game.

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Infinity Esports




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