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May 8th, 2021

MSI 2021: Results of the third game day. Group B

MAD Lions vs paiN Gaming

The Lions surprised everyone with a Kog'Maw pick at mid, the Brazilians, in turn, responded with Olaf and Camilla. On the 3rd minute, Elyoya, along with Aphelios and Thresh, enters the enemy's blue side of jungle. They manage to earn FB on Olaf. Next, the jungler MAD Lions continued to win the game for his team and was able to kill the dragon right from under the nose of paiN Gaming. At 6 minutes, Armut makes a beautiful solokill on the top.

MAD continued to increase their early lead and after another kill managed to take the first Rift Herald. At the 11th minute, the Brazilians manage to find 3 keels in response to the lowered tower and the murder of Camilla, but this does not change much the state of affairs on the map. paiN Gaming practically managed to equalize by 16 minutes and even come out ahead in dragons. One of the key moments is Camilla's kill on the 21st minute. MAD Lions take the second dragon for themselves and seize the initiative on the map, and already on the 26th minute they make two kills, but tinowns steals Baron Nashor's buff. At the 33rd minute, events begin to take on a tense character: paiN Gaming open the lions base and want to end the game, but after a hard fight, both teams are left with nothing. Upon entering Baron Nashor, history repeats itself: Carzzy makes a triplekill to save his team. paiN Gaming is backdoor again. MAD Lions is saved by a miracle and a newly recovered inhibitor.

MAD Lions end this crazy game in their favor.

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paiN Gaming




PSG Talon vs Istanbul Wild Cats

The Turks took Yone in response to Sylas, and the jungle Rumble appeared from the side of PSG Talon. The PSG Talon is trapped by the IW champions on the bot after attempting to gank and score 2 kills. Wild Cats compare the score on 9 minutes, killing Thresh and Aphelios, but after 2 minutes PSG Talon make an ace and take the infernal dragon. Representatives of the Pacific region continued to build up their advantage, killing enemies and taking over towers. They managed to take Baron Nashor almost without a fight on the 22nd minute and then make 2 more kills. IW could not oppose anything to their rivals. After 3 fights, the PSG Talon finish the game in 27 minutes.

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Istanbul Wildcats




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