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May 7th, 2021

MSI 2021: Results of the second game day. Group C

DAMWON KIA vs Infinity Esports

Representatives of Latin America today have had a difficult fate to fight against world champions. Already on the first wave of minions, BeryL was able to knock out both summoner spells from Whitelotus and on the second attempt to kill the adversary's ADC. DAMWON KIA did not play their usual passive game and punished the enemy for the slightest mistakes. On the 12th minute, Infinity Esports managed to successfully trade 2 on 1 and come back a little into the game, but DWG continued to farm better than their opponents. The Koreans took the early Baron Nashor and entered the enemy base on the 21st minute after a successful fight. DAMWON KIA claim their second group win in 24 minutes.

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Infinity Esports




Cloud9 vs DetonatioN FocusMe

Blaber makes a mistake at the top of the map for 3 minutes and gives FB to Udyr, but Zven soon avenges the death of the teammate and kills Alistair on the bot. Steal earns a second kill, for himself and his team, after a gang to the top, and solidifies the lead. The Japanese continued to show a strong game against the North American team, but made a big mistake in the fight on the 24th minute, giving up the initiative and the third dragon for C9. DFM quickly rehabilitate, taking 2 enemy champions under the base and earning Baron Nashor's buff for themselves, and after 2 minutes they make an ace and end the game in their favor in 31 minutes.

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DetonatioN FocusMe




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