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May 7th, 2021

MSI 2021: Results of the second game day. Group B

MAD Lions vs Istanbul Wild Cats

MAD Lions picked Wukong for Armut, and Wild Cats picked Nocturne to top. Carzzy and Kaiser successfully caught Tristana and were able to earn first blood for the ADC. Elyoya made a mistake on the gank and framed the allied Kai'Sa for Udyr, as a result - an exchange of 1 in 2. Armut entered the game on the 9th minute, taking Leona. IW did a good job of farming, but they were wrong with kills and neutral targets. One of the key moments could have been the murder of Nocturne in the 14th minute: it was supposed to greatly slow down the pace of the Turks and open up more space for the lions, but after 3 minutes the Wild Cats make an ace and take the infernal dragon. IW were able to equalize in gold and even seize the initiative on the map, but MAD Lions made 4 kills in the 22nd minute and took Baron Nashor. The Turks resisted with dignity, but could not turn the game in their favor and on the 37th minute MAD finished the game in their favor.

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Istanbul Wildcats




paiN Gaming vs PSG Talon

PSG Talon decided to take Rumble into the jungle, and paiN Gaming responded with Karma to the top. Thanks to the right individual actions, the team from the Pacific region managed to seize an early advantage: by the 12th minute they were leading 2k in gold, and Rumble took part in all the kills on the map. On the 16th minute, paiN Gaming make mistakes on the bot and give two kills to one Lucian, and after another two minutes PSG take 4 more champions of the enemy, finally gaining a foothold as a favorite. PSG Talon take the soul of the mountain dragon and Baron Nashor at 23 minutes and end the game in their favor.

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paiN Gaming




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