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May 29th, 2021

MG.Trust takes over Galaxy Racer on BTS Pro Series 6

Galaxy Racer started their first game well: by the 10th minute they had 5 thousand overfarms and seized the initiative on the map. Continuing to farm most of the map, GXR drove their opponents almost to the base.

The game literally slipped through the fingers of Motivate.Trust Gaming, but they managed to gather their strength and fight back in the 14th minute: after a successful fight, Snapfire makes a triplekill. Nevertheless, this did not give a great result: by the 25th minute, the gold advantage reached 13 thousand.

The key fight becomes at 31 minutes. On their triangle, MG.Trust traded 4 for 2 and won back most of the advantage. Medusa by that time managed to collect Aghanim and the Butterfly.

One fight was enough for the team from Thailand to fully regain their confidence and after 5 minutes they make 4 kills under the enemy base and bred two members of the Galaxy Racer team to buyback.

The next 15 minutes were already Motivate.Trust Gaming set the pace for the map, and put an end to the final fight. 1-0 in favor of MG.Trust.

The second map started more evenly: the teams exchanged kills and calmly farm in their territories. By 10 minutes, the Galaxy Racer was only slightly in the lead in gold.

It is worth highlighting JaCkky: it was his huge farm that helped MG.Trust get ahead by 20 minutes. One of the key fights becomes a fight in the Galaxy Racer forest at 25 minutes: after killing Shadow Demon, GXR make mistakes and give Faceless Void and Tiny.

Motivate.Trust Gaming didn’t succeed to finish quickly, but the team was slowly building up its advantage, taking up space on the map. On the 33rd minute, Faceless Void dies without ransom, which opens the way for his opponents to base.

Galaxy Racer did not give up and made every effort to save at least the second map, but they failed.

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2-0 for Motivate.Trust Gaming and they earn their third BTS Pro Series Season 6 group stage win.

Position of teams in the group stage

Position of teams in the group stage

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