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April 2nd, 2021

Match prediction FunPlus.Phoenix vs FURIA: ESL Pro League Season 13

Prediction for the Round of 12 encounter between FURIA Esports and FunPlus.Phoenix in ESL Pro League Season 13

Furia Esports - finished Group C very mediocre, finishing second, managed to beat Natus Vincere, but lost to Cloud9. Although, the match against C9 can not be taken into account, as that game had no tournament significance for Furia. Brazilians plays well on Mirage, Inferno, unstable on Overpass, Nuke, Train. Trying to ban Dust 2. 

Map statistics

Mirage (2 wins - 1 loss)
Inferno (2 wins - 0 losses)
Overpass (1 win - 1 loss)
Nuke (1 win - 1 loss)
Train (1 win - 0 defeats)
Vertigo (0 wins - 1 loss)


Train (opponent's pick): beat Team One 16-12 (7 defensively, 9 offensively)
Nuke (opponent's pick): beat Natus Vincere 16-14 (5 offensively, 11 defensively)
Overpass (opponent's pick): beat MIBR 16-8 (12 defence, 4 offence)
Overpass (opponent's pick): lost to Cloud9 by a score 6-16 (5 defence, 1 offence)
Vertigo (opponent's pick): lost to Gambit Esports 8-16 (6 offensively, 2 defensively).

Mirage (own pick): beat Team One 16-13 (8 offensively, 8 defensively)
Mirage (own pick): beat Natus Vincere 16-10 (5 offensively, 11 defensively)
Inferno (own pick): beat MIBR 16-8 (9 offensively, 7 defensively)
Inferno (own pick): beat Gambit Esports 16-13 (6 offensively, 10 defensively).
Nuke (own pick): lost against Cloud9 1-16 (1 offence, 0 defence)
Mirage (own pick): lost to Gambit Esports 9-16 (6 defensively, 3 offensively)

Mirage (desider): lost to Gambit Esports 9-16 (6 defence, 3 attack)


Dust 2 (6 times in the last matches)
Overpass (2 times)
Inferno (2 times)

FunPlus.Phoenix - in group "A" are in third place, clinched in roughly the same way. They have 3 wins: over Renegades, BIG and OG, and 2 losses to Complexity and OG. Seemingly good results, however, they recently played in the Fantasyexpo Spring Cup 2021 tournament, where they lost twice to LDLC and only beat the the polands from Pompa. Don't like playing Dust 2 and Vertigo, huge defence problems on Nuke, unstable Inferno.

Map statistics

Overpass (1 win - 0 defeats)
Inferno (1 win - 1 loss)
Nuke (1 win - 2 defeats)


Nuke (own pick): lost to OG 14-16 (5 offensively, 9 defensively)

Overpass (opponent's pick): beat OG 16-11 (3 offensively, 8 defensively)

Inferno (desider): beat OG 16-14 (8 defence, 8 offence)
Inferno (desider): Lost to LDLC 10-16 (7 offensively, 3 defensively)
Nuke (desider): beat Pompa 16-11 (7 offensively, 9 defensively)
Nuke (desider): lost to LDLC 10-6 (5 offensively, 5 defensively)


Dust 2 (3 times)
Vertigo (3 times)
Inferno (2 times)

Prediction for FunPlus.Phoenix vs FURIA Esports in ESL Pro League Season 13

FURIA Esports are stronger than FunPlus.Phoenix, a very comfortable opponent for the Brazilian team, easily they should beat them and pass to the next stage.

Absolutely no faith in the FunPlus.Phoenix line-up, with the bookmakers also marking them as the underdog. The odds on Phoenix are 2.788, while the odds on FURIA Esports are 1.488. We recommend believing in the defeat of Furia and bet on 2-0 in their favour at odds of 2.36.

Prediction: FURIA Esports to beat FunPlus.Phoenix 2-0 at ESL Pro League Season 13 - odds 2.36