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May 27th, 2021

Masters Reykjavik: Results of the third game day

X10 Esports vs Crazy Raccoon

Game started on Haven, which was X10 Esports choice. First half ended with a minimal lead in favour of X10 Esports, thanks to proper play on Patiphan's Viper. After switching sides, team from Thailand had no problems against the Japanese. X10 Esports won the first map with a score of 13:9. Crazy Raccoon opted for a comfortable Icebox, but even here, luck was on the side of X10. First half ended in favor of the team from Thailand with a score of 8:4, in the second half Japanese could not win a single round and lost with a score of 13:5. Crazy Raccoon leave the tournament in 9th-10th place.

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Sharks Esports vs KRÜ Esports

KRÜ Esports chose Icebox as their map and immediately showed their intention to win, winning the first half 2:10. After a change of sides, KRÜ also left no chance for their opponent and won the first map 5:13. It came as a surprise that Sharks chose Bind, where their play had previously been awful. The first half was even, but still KRÜ Esports won 7:5. After switching sides, the Chileans lost only one round and won 13:6. Unfortunately, Sharks Esports finish their VCT performance in 9th-10th place.

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Sentinels vs Team Vikings

Team Vikings made the right decision, choosing Icebox as their map, which is not the strongest of the Sentinels. Team from America showed a mediocre defence, although they won that side 7:5. In the second half Sentinels left no chance for the team from Brazil and won 13:7. Americans chose Haven, on which they have no equal in this tournament. The first half was won 10:2, in many ways team was helped by TenZ who showed a great performance on Jett. Map ended with a score of 13:6 and an easy win for the Sentinels.

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