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May 28th, 2021

Masters Reykjavik: Results of the fourth game day

Version1 vs NUTURN

Version1 chose Haven as their map. The first half ended 9:3 in favour of Americans. After switching sides, team from Korea did not take a single round. First map was won by Version1 team with a score of 13:3. After Haven, it looked like it would be an easy game for the Americans. Koreans couldn't out-shoot any of the Version1 team. NUTURN didn't bother and picked Ascent. Version1 lost a lot of upsetting rounds, so they won the first half by a narrow 7:5 margin. After the change of sides, Koreans started to impose their game and moved the map to extra rounds. Version1 couldn't show any fight during the overtimes, so they lost the map by a score of 13:15. The third location was Split, where Americans had a lot of problems lately. The first half ended with a score of 6:6. After change of sides, total domination was shown by Version1, but Koreans were able to pull themselves together in time to take the game to extra rounds. Overtimes proved to be easy for NUTURN, map ended 12:14 in favour of the Korean squad.

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Fnatic vs X10 Esports

Fnatic opted for Icebox, on which they have no equal. X10 Esports were only able to engage at end of the first half, so they lost it 8:4. After switching sides, team from Thailand did not take a single round. Fnatic won the first map with a score of 13:4. X10 Esports had no choice but to pick Haven. They started the first half well, winning 3 rounds in a row. Next started the dominance from Fnatic, where 9 straight rounds were taken by team from Europe. Second half saw multiple comeback attempts from X10 Esports, but it was Fnatic who won 13:9.

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Team Liquid vs KRÜ Esports

KRÜ Esports' choice of Split was a death sentence for them. All because it's one of Liquid's best maps. Chileans had nothing to show for it, taking only two rounds in two halves and losing 13:2. Team Liquid chose Ascent as their map of choice. KRÜ Esports started the first half well, winning it 5:7. Moving behind the defense, Liquid lost the pistol and economy rounds. After that, Team Liquid won eight consecutive rounds to take a 13:9 victory.

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