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May 29th, 2021

Masters Reykjavik: Results of the fifth game day

Version1 vs Fnatic

Game started with Icebox, which were chosen by Fnatic. Europeans got off to a good start in the first half, but after relaxing a bit, they gave away a lot of key rounds and ended up with a 6:6 score. After switching sides, Version1 kept fighting and even led 10:12 at one point. Fnatic managed to take game to extra rounds and won there 12:14. Version1 was left with no choice but to take on Ascent, where they might have had some chances. First half was lost 8:4, after a change of sides Fnatic continued their dominance and won 13:6. Unfortunately, Version1 leave VCT in 5th-6th place.

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Team Vikings vs Team Liquid

Already before this game, it was possible to judge who would be winner. Team Vikings chose Ascent, where they could try to clinch against Europeans. First half was not so successful for Brazilians, they won only 4 rounds. Switching sides, there were attempts at a comeback from Team Vikings, but Liquid overcame their opponent's confidence in time to win 13:8. Liquid's choice of Haven was a bit of a surprise, as it wasn't the best map for them. First half was very close, with teams frequently exchanging rounds, but ScreaM played their part. Half ended in a 7:5 win for Liquid. Moving on to the attack, Europeans left no chance for the Brazilian squad and clinched a 13:5 win. Team Vikings join Version1 and are also in 5th-6th place.

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Sentinels vs NUTURN

This game was the most unpredictable. Sentinels seemed to be in unrealistic shape, but NUTURN could surprise as they had done before. Bind was the obvious choice on NUTURN's part. Team was showing a good game for the attack and there was even a slight hope of winning, but first half ended in a 4:8 loss. Switching sides, Sentinels showed a great straightforward attack and won 5:13. After word got out that Sentinels had picked Haven, it was already clear that this was a loss for NUTURN. Koreans don't know how to play this map at all, which they proved in this match as well. The classy defence from Sentinels stunned many viewers. The first half ended in a 2:10 win for Americans. After a change of sides, NUTURN were able to win pistol and economy rounds, but it wasn't all that easy. Sentinels pulled themselves together in time and crushed their opponent for a 4:13 victory.

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