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May 26th, 2021

Masters Reykjavik: Result of the second game day

Team Vikings vs X10 Esports

Match started with X10 Esports being selected by Icebox. The first half ended 7:5 in favour of the Brazilians, but it felt like Team Vikings were just giving rounds to the team from Thailand. Map ended 13:11, thanks largely to frz who won all the key rounds for his squad. Team Vikings chose Ascent, which is their strongest map. The start was positive for X10 Esports, but after a small comeback from the Brazilians, first half ended with a score of 6:6. In the second, extra rounds were played, where Team Vikings eventually won with a score of 14:12.

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Team Liquid vs Version1

Version1 made the decision to choose Split for themselves, although they definitely knew that Liquid felt at home on this map. There were plenty of turnovers in the first half, but it was the Europeans who won with a score of 7:5. Switching sides, teams continued to fight and even took the game to extra rounds, but at one point Version1 led 10:12. During overtimes it was not clear who would win, there were many exchanges of rounds. In the end, Team Liquid managed to win on Split with a score of 16:14. Liquid's choice was Ascent and it seemed to be the last step for the Europeans to win this match. Version1 got off to a flying start in the first half, but Liquid pulled themselves together in time to take a narrow 5:7 lead over the Americans. The second half started with dominance by Liquid, but Version1 was able to take the game under their control and clinched 11:13 win. Americans were very lucky, because the decisive one was Haven, which Liquid always had problems with. Version1 were victorious in the first half, losing in only two rounds. Haven ended 4:13 in favor of the American team. This match could be called the first sensation to happen in this tournament.

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Sentinels vs Fnatic

Before the start of the match, it was safe to judge which maps would be played. Fnatic's choice was Icebox and after the first half, which ended 6:6, it was clear that this was going to be a very interesting game. After switching sides, Sentinels were able to take an important series of rounds and win 13:11. This was largely thanks to ShahZaM winning all the important duels for his team. Sentinels picked their crowning Haven, on which they left no one in America a chance. First half ended 8:4, assisted by TenZ, who kept their opponents out of captivity. After change of sides, Fnatic tried to make a comeback, but Sentinels still won with a score of 13:10.

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