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April 3rd, 2021

MAD Lions sensationally beat G2 at LEC Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

The first map set the tone for the entire confrontation. Intense struggle throughout the map, filigree macro from MAD Lions, gorgeous engages from Kaiser and the game until the first mistake. G2 played almost the entire game, but made a big mistake when entering the baron, which allowed the lions to seize the initiative and slowly but surely finish the game in their favor.

The second map was dictated by MAD Lions. From the very beginning, the lions managed to seize the advantage on the map and did not let it go until the very end. Kaiser made a colossal impact on Rakan, and G2's jungler and top completely failed, earning 11 out of 26 deaths.

On the third map, G2 decided to move away from the support-ADC strategy and picked Kai'Sa for Rekkless. Caps and Company easily won this map in a manner familiar to the regular season.

On the final map, Jankos and MikyX "disappeared" from the Rift. The jungler and support of the G2 team have died too often, giving a precious advantage to MAD Lions. Caps and Wunder tried to turn the match in their favor, playing the 2v2 situation perfectly, but already in the next teamfight, the lions showed that that fight was an accident.

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3-1 for MAD Lions and they advance to the grand final, while G2 will fight in the final of the lower bracket against the winner of the pair Rogue  - FC Schalke 04.

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