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April 11th, 2021

MAD Lions - Champions of LEC Spring Split 2021!

On the first map, MAD Lions had a slight advantage at the very beginning, due to the quick clearing of the forest with Udyr, but Hans sama was able to find a kill on the bottom lane and return the game to equality. Elyoya was able to earn a doublekill on 15 minutes, which greatly helped his team. The Rogues find 3 kills in front of the third dragon and take the lead. The big problem was that Jhin, in the MAD Lions setup, did very little damage and could not help Victor in killing the opponent's champions, because of this Rogue could dive further, farm longer and take up more space on the map. RGE win in 36 minutes

The second map turned into a meat grinder for 44 minutes: Rogue was leading the entire beginning of the game, but made a mistake on the 24th minute, and gave the initiative to the late game setup MAD Lions. Senna collected more than 190 souls and dealt a colossal amount of damage, however, a mistake from Humanoid prevented the lions from taking victory on this map. In the last fight, Orianna wasted her ultimate and gave the soul of the sea dragon to her opponents. 2-0 in favor of Rogue.

On the third map, Armut decided to take his secret weapon in the form of a Wukong and it worked. The teammates helped break up his farm by ganking to the top by the end of the sixth minute. The bot combo of Morgana and Caitlyn did more damage, but the MAD Lions responded well to Rogue's support. One of the key ones was a solo kill from Wukong on Caitlyn right in front of the second dragon: Armut got a score of 3/0/0, and his team got control of the map. Rogue took Baron Nashor on 26 minutes, but made a big mistake when entering T2 and MAD completely turned the game around. 2-1, MAD Lions is too early to write off.

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Armut decided to repeat the success of the previous map and took Wukong again. The mobile mid-lane in the person of Twisted Fate helped to earn an advantage, and the tank Udyr did not let him be taken away at the most critical moment of the map. Armut and the team completely turned off Gnar and transferred the final to the decisive map in 24 minutes.

The final map of the European Championship began with a crazy exchange at the top: Armut on Gnar, with the help of his jungler, was able to take Renekton, but then both members of the MAD Lions team died. On the 8th minute, Hans sama and Trymbi manage to kill Kai'Sa, while knocking out all the summoner spells and this gives Rogue a colossal advantage. After that, there was a lull on the map until exactly 20 minutes. RGE trades Renekton for 3 MAD Lions champions and takes Baron Nashor. At the 26th minute, MAD found an excellent fight, exchanging 2v3 and making a little comeback into the game, and after 4 minutes they completely returned to the game. In the last fight, Rogue is badly positioned and loses the game.

MAD Lions win LEC Spring Split 2021, travel to MSI and earns $95,208 in prize money. Rogue come in second and receive $59,505 and 70 Regional Qualifier Points at Worlds.