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April 27th, 2021

KC outplayed SSU at European Masters 2021

On the first map, the teams played level most of the time. Both the French and Bulgarians took objects, committed murders and fought for dragons. The fight on the 21st minute was decisive, when Suppup were able to competently take advantage of the mistakes of Karmine Corp. The Bulgarians took Baron Nashor and seized the advantage. The last one was a fight at the 31st minute: the advantage in gold became critical, and Nashor's second buff helped to quickly demolish the enemy base.

Karmine Corp quickly bounced back on the second map: Olaf's aggressive top pick helped create the necessary pressure throughout the map, and Xin Zhao helped to gain an edge on all lanes. The French equalized the cards in 28 minutes, giving only 5 kills to the Bulgarians.

KC decided to repeat the success of the second map and picked Xin Zhao again. Cinkrof created a perfect situation for the team's mid lane, who was able to pick up a triple kill already at 4 minutes. The French consolidated the advantage earlier by taking all neutral objects on the map. By the 15th minute, Karmine Corp was already leading 7 thousand in gold. The fight on the 18th minute became decisive, where Suppup could not give a single frags in response to 4 from KC. The French close the match in 22 minutes.

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2-1 for Karmine Corp and they advance to the semi-finals where they will face UCAM Esports Club. Suppup Esports are in 5th-8th place and earn €8,000.

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