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May 2nd, 2021

Karmine Corp made it to the European Masters 2021 Grand Final

On the first map, Karmine Corp picked a mobile setup consisting of Camilla, Galio, Udyr and Twisted Fate. The final champion was Jinx. The French put pressure on the upper line of the enemy, constantly killing Aatrox. Ezreal had more farm than the enemy ADC, but he needed too many items to deal a lot of damage. The KC slowly pushed the enemy off the map, capturing territory and ultimately the French defeated in 29 minutes.

Skarner was picked on the second map of the UCAM standoff. The Crystal Guard actively participated in the killings, and also did not give Irelia the necessary advantage. The French focused their attention on the enemy Orianna. After killing her two times, they knocked Baca out of the tempo, but soon he successfully banged the top and returned to the game. One of the key moments was on the 14th minute: UCAM turned the fight in their favor, killing 4 opponents in exchange for only one. Karmine Corp tried to turn the game around and after an unsuccessful initiation from Hadess they killed Baron Nashor, but within 2 minutes after that UCAM Esports Club exchanged 5 v 3. The score becomes 1-1.

On the third map, the Rift was visited by Olaf and Urgot. Throughout the game, the teams fought very evenly for objects and kills. The game with equal setups entered the late stage and the cost of a mistake became too high. When approaching Baron Nashor, Ryze was able to catch Urgot with low hp. UCAM tried to focus one of the KC champions but failed. This led to SAKEN joining the team after one kill and doing a triplekill. Karmine Corp will complete the meeting in 40 minutes.

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2-1 for Karmine Corp and they will fight BT Excel in the European Masters 2021 Grand Final. UCAM Esports Club are in 3-4 place and earn €13,500 in prize money.