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May 3rd, 2021

Karmine Corp are European Masters 2021 Spring Champions!

First map

Already on the first map, Karmine Corp surprised the opponent with Darius in the top. BT Excel responded by Ornn, whom we haven't seen often in the last games of the patch.

KC opened the scoreboard, but BTXL quickly caught up. The French began to create chances on the map, and after an error from a two on the bot, they were able to exchange 2 for 0. By the 10th minute, their gold advantage reached 2k. Ornn could not do anything to Darius, so he constantly demanded that teammates be connected to kill or have an ultimate for escape.

On the 19th minute, the French took 4 opponents without losing a single one, but after 3 minutes they made a mistake and unrequitedly lost 3 champions. Despite the big advantage from KC, BTXL were able to return to the game, and in the 37th minute they completely seized the initiative. BT Excel finished the first map in 42 minutes, coming back 10k gold lag.

Second map

The French also took homework for the second map of the final: Corki to mid and Olaf to top. BTXL took Volibear into the forest.

BT Excel was able to put early pressure on the top lane and, thanks to this, earned first blood on Olaf. The Karmine Corp quickly responded with 3 kills, the first dragon, and removed the plates from the tower in the bot.

Until the 18th minute, the teams exchanged rare frags and tried not to force events. In a fight on the third dragon, BT Excel was able to steal a precious neutral object, but they gave 4 lives for it.

KC seized the initiative on the map and took advantage of it: they farm more, make kills and respond to enemy attacks. BT Excel tried to flip the game on the fifth dragon, but failed. The key moment was the fight at the 35th minute: the Karmine Corp took the soul of the sea dragon and three opponents.

After that BTXL did good frags, but due to the large amount of heal, KC could not win the fight. After 3 intense fights, the Karmine Corp finish the map in their favor in 48 minutes.

Third map

This time BT Excel surprised Lucian with their pick for the ADC position. Udyr from Karmine Corp earned first blood and began to take an active part in events on the map.

BT Excel make a mistake on the 9th minute and give the opponent's mid-lancer and forester on the kill, but then they take the dragon. After a good minus on Braum, Karmine Corp made a mistake and gave Leona and Akali. They quickly rehabilitated themselves by taking the second dragon for.

The composition of the British organization was able to take the lead on 26 minutes, but SAKEN and xMatty quickly leveled the situation and took Baron Nashor with their team. At the 31st minute, they successfully fight, taking 4 enemy champions under their base and ending the map in their favor.

Fourth map

On the last map of this confrontation, both teams surprised with their picks: Karmine Corp took Cho'Gath to the top, Renekton to mid and Taric to supports, and BT Excel picked Kennen and Nocturne to the middle lane.

At the 8th minute, a fight breaks out on the boat. Both teams get one kill. In the early game BT Excel managed to seize the advantage, but KC took more neutral objects, which allowed them to take the lead after the fight at 22 minutes.

BT Excel were able to make an ace at 25 minutes, but Karmine Corp took the infernal dragon's soul, which increased their damage in fights. The battle was decisive in the 36th minute: Karmine Corp made 4 kills and took the elder dragon and won in 35 minutes.

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3-1 in favor of Karmine Corp and they become the winners of the European Masters 2021 Spring, earning €40,000 in prize money. BT Excel comes in 2nd place and receives €25,000.