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May 10th, 2021

IW beat MAD sensationally at MSI 2021 Group Stage

MAD Lions took Lee Sin to the top and Olaf to the forest. Istanbul Wild Cats responded with Urgot's pick.

At the end of 4 minutes, MAD starts a fight on the bottom lane. Fight does not go through the lions and they give FB on Nautilus, but at the same time they take Urgot on the top. At 8 minutes, the Europeans enter the Rift Herald. The Turks tried to stop them, but exchanged 1 for 2 and missed a neutral object.

Serin moves to the top to kill Armut. He and StarScreen do it, but at the same time he loses a lot of farm to mid. Two minutes later, MAD Lions take the second dragon for themselves, but lose three champions, killing only one.

The European squad returns equality to the map, making a frag on Urgot and taking the first tower on the map. At the 18th minute, MAD take the lead: they make 3 kills and take the third dragon for themselves.

Istanbul Wild Cats successfully fight on the 21st minute, taking 4 opponents' champions, and then they themselves go to Baron Nashor and take the lead in gold.

At the 25th minute, IW enter the enemy base and take away the central inhibitor. The Turks continued to increase their advantage even after the buff ended: they took the dragons and the outer towers of MAD Lions.

The Wild Cats win the fight at the 29th minute and end the game in their favor.

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After this defeat, the MAD Lions are still in first place in Group B with a 3-1 record. Istanbul Wild Cats have earned their first victory in the group stage and still have the chance to advance further.