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February 4th, 2021

Insides from coldzera regarding the reshuffle in the FaZe Clan

On February 4, the bookmaker Parimatch announced that Marcelo coldzera David is becoming their global ambassador. In an interview with our colleagues, he gave an exclusive interview. Especially for you, we have highlighted the key moments of the words coldzera.

Twistzz still in form Team Liquid

About choosing Twistzz

  • Twistzz was selected based on two main criteria: excellent understanding of the game and English. coldzera believes that the Canadian will join the team better than Kjaerbye. The Dane was kicked because of disappointing results and it was a forced replacement.
  • Coldzera says: Twistzz has a good English since he is Canadian. He knows how to competently play the role of a support, and close the "A" points on many maps, as well as a good shooter. Twistzz is planning to become a superstar in FaZe, he will play in NiKo's positions, thus giving him the opportunity to prove himself in all his glory.
  • Twistzz can give the result "here and now", since he played for Team Liquid for a long time, however, due to the incomprehensible situation with the fifth, good results should not be expected in the near future.

coldzera - Parimatch Ambassador

Coldzera on the fifth player and the role of the in-game leader

  • Coldzera said they will be announcing a fifth in March or April and the team is looking for a captain overall. After these reshuffles, the Fays will be stable and stop reshuffling.
  • The Brazilian has given up his in-game leadership role as he needs more freedom to focus on his own game. Until the announcement of the fifth, he will captain in FaZe. Thus, at IEM: Katowice 2021, the team will play under the leadership of coldzera.

RobbaN - new coach FaZe Clan

New coach FaZe Clan - RobbaN

  • RobbaN will coach the new roster, he held this position from 2016 to 2019, but then decided to leave. He is now banned from ESIC, but it will end in a month or two. FaZe Clan will also have a psychologist.

The next and last replacement is olofmeister

  • The next step will be to replace Olof olofmeister Kaibier. The Swede plans to end his career as he no longer wants to play Counter-Strike.