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June 24th, 2021

In Dota 2 has started the "Nemestice" event with the Battle Pass

Valve has launched a new Dota 2 event called "Nemestice". In it, players will have to collect fragments of meteorites to receive buffs, as well as fight with reinforced towers and creeps. In addition, the developers have released a Battle Pass.

With the start of the Nemestice, Dota 2 has a new Battle Pass with special rewards. To increase the level, you must complete weekly tasks and challenges in the catacombs. Other prizes in the Battle Pass include the Dragon Knight character as Davion from DOTA: Dragon's Blood, as well as a Arcana on Spectre called Phantom Advent.


  • Level 1 - $7.5
  • Level 50 - $27
  • Level 100 - $42

Review of the entire update "Nemestice" from NoobFromUA

In order to win, teams need to destroy the opponent's towers and capture territory. Every three minutes, a meteor shower will take place in the center of the map: players must first dodge falling celestial bodies, and then capture them to get special coals.

These coals provide a buff that increases movement speed and damage from attacks and spells. If you collect enough coals, you will be able to hit nearby enemies. During the event period, creeps and buildings will also be strengthened.

There will be no contributions to The International 10 from the Summer Battle Pass:

  • Items for the new Dragon Knight persona
  • Traditional Catacombs with sets for Phantom Assassin, Lina, Dark Willow
  • Mythical Set Chest
  • Treasure with Immortal-items