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June 6th, 2021

IEM Summer 2021: Results of the third game day

The third day of IEM Summer 2021 is over. Three matches were played yesterday and all were very interesting. Three teams left the tournament at once: Complexity, Spirit and Heroic. NIP finally got their act together with LNZ and have started to show great results. They managed to make a comeback against Heroic with 4:13 on Mirage and also managed to beat the Danes with their best map, Nuke. Virtus.pro had a tough time beating Spirit, at one point they were trailing 5:10 on the third map, but they took the game to overtime and clinched the win. Gambit had a very difficult time against Complexity, they had every chance of losing the third map, but a bit of luck helped these guys.

Best moments of the third game day of IEM Summer 2021

NIP vs Heroic

A great game in the pistol round against NIP was shown by refrezh, who didn't get confused when left against three opponents. The first were defeated in seconds and with 1vs1 remaining, refrezh didn't leave a chance for Plopski. Even that clutch from young player Heroic, didn't save the Danes from losing the map.

Spirit vs Virtus.pro

A good reception of the short was shown by YEKINDAR on Dust 2 against Spirit. He made sure his opponents didn't go any further than this position and did a great job. Even though Virtus.pro lost this map, the ace was still spectacular.


Complexity vs Gambit

Hobbit was not confused in a 3vs4 outnumbered situation and made the quadro kill without too much trouble. Complexity were completely confused when a Gambit player came flying at them with an AK-47 in his hands. Great execution from Abay in an important round for his team.

The teams that will qualify for the quarterfinals and semi-finals will be determined today. One team can leave this tournament, everything will be decided in the NIP match against Virtus.pro. Follow news of this tournament on the event page.