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June 5th, 2021

IEM Summer 2021: Results of the second game day

The second day of IEM Summer 2021 ended yesterday. A total of six matches were played in a best of 3 format. On the second day, Astralis, FunPlus Phoenix, Fnatic and Imperial left the championship. Gambit managed to surprise the audience by leaving no chance for Astralis in the knock-out match. Finally Complexity got a taste of it and started to show some good Counter-Strike in their performance. NIP still haven't got a new player to play for, the team almost lost to Fnatic, but managed to comeback with a 0:9 score on the last map.

Best moments of the second game day of IEM Summer 2021

Complexity vs FunPlus Phoenix

poizon finally started to return to form and was able to win an important 1vs3 clutch for his team. Although the opponents knew that the Bulgarian was on banana, he still had no problems. Thanks to this clutch, Complexity were able to go into overtime, but unfortunately lost with a score of 15:19.

Heroic vs Evil Geniuses

An excellent captain's clutch was shown by stanislaw in the match against Heroic. Even with three opponents remaining, he was able to eliminate two opponents at once. With a 1vs1 clutch and a bomb set up, stanislaw took a very risky position, but still outgunned the last opponent and won this important round for his team.

Gambit vs Astralis

Ax1le showed excellent reception of plant A on the map Inferno. Three Astralis players never got past the balcony and were hit by a hail of bullets from the Gambit player. The remaining two opponents tried to get their act together, but even here Ax1le didn't let himself get hurt and calmly dealt with the Danes. A great ice and excellent spray control with the M4A4.

Following today's results, we'll find out the first participants in the play-off stage. Follow all the matches and tournament news on the event page.