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June 4th, 2021

IEM Summer 2021: Results of the first day's play

First game day of IEM Summer 2021 has come to an end. A total of twelve matches were played yesterday, with Extra Salt and Sprout leaving the tournament. Unexpected was a weak preparation for the championship by Gambit, who lost to Vitality with a score of 0:2 on the maps without much of fight. Now favourites for IEM Summer 2021 title are G2 who were so confident and cool yesterday.

Best moments from the first day of play at IEM Summer 2021

Complexity vs Vitality

Good shooting with the M4A1-S was shown by RUSH, who stayed in clutch against four opponents. He out-shot first three without too much trouble and remaining against shox made a very competent decision, resulting in an easy kill and a winning round. Unfortunately, William's clutch didn't help his team.

Fnatic vs Virtus.pro

Fnatic team captain was also able to take control of the situation against four opponents. It would seem that with the score of 9:15, when you're about to lose, you shouldn't have the strength to clutch at it. Golden proved quite the opposite. Even though he did not show best spray control with AK-47, he managed to give his team hope of winning. Unfortunately, this was the last round that Fnatic won in this match against Virtus.pro.

Vitality vs Gambit

misutaaa saved his team in an important round against Gambit, showing a quad-kill with an AK-47. Left alone in the situation against two opponents, he made an incredible onetap on sh1ro and ended round with an easy kill on nafany.

Astralis vs Extra Salt

Key round for his team was won by Xyp9x, with MAC-10 in hand. Left against three Extra Salt players, he was not confused and easily dealt with his opponents, even though he had 30 percent health.

Tournament continues today. At the end of matches, two teams will be known who will also leave championship. Follow all tournament events on the event page.