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October 6th, 2020

IEM: New York 2020 (EU / NA) starts today. Do not miss!

IEM, with support from ESL, will host the online championship IEM: New York 2020  for teams in Europe and North America. Tournaments are RMR events, teams will receive extra points. The event for Europe from October 6-11, and for North America from October 6-18.

Teams from Europe will compete for $140,000, the winner will receive $70,000 and guarantee himself participation in the IEM: Global Challenge 2020.

Received invitations:

- Complexity
- FaZe Clan
- fnatic
- G2 Esports
- Team Vitality

Qualifications passed:

- OG
- Heroic

The groups look like this:

Group “A”: G2 Esports, Fnatic, Complexity Gaming, Team Vitality

Group "B": FaZe Clan, BIG, Heroic, OG

The group stage will be held according to the standard system - GSL groups. The format of the matches is best of 3, the best two teams of the groups will be in the playoffs

The playoff stage is single elimination, the semi-finals are best of 3, and the grand final is best of 5.

Among the teams from North America, $60,000 will be drawn, 12 teams will take part in the tournament. The winner will play at the IEM: Global Challenge and receive $25,000.

Compared to the European Championship, there will be 3 teams in groups of 6 teams and in the playoffs. In the playoffs, the format of matches is best of 3, the grand final is best of 5.

The first 8 teams received invites based on RMR points:

- Evil Geniuses
- 100 Thieves
- Team Liquid
- FURIA Esports
- Chaos
- Triumph

Qualifications passed:

- Team One
- NE Whalers
- RBG Esports
- Rebirth Esports

Group “A”: FURIA Esports, Evil Geniuses, ImPerium Esports, Triumph, Rebirth Esports, New England Whalers

Group "B": Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Team One, Chaos Esports Club, RBG Esports, Mythic.

You can follow the matches of IEM New York: 2020 in LIVE mode for teams from Europe and North America with us.