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May 28th, 2021

"Horn of Victory" - History of Unicorns Of Love Team

Hello everyone! Today we will once again plunge into the history of one of the teams. This time we will tell you about Unicorns of Love - a unique organization around which there has always been a lot of magic. Begin!

The beginning of the way

The organization itself began at the end of 2013, and the League of Legends division opened in the middle of the next. At that time, all the new teams had only one way - the second division and that was where the unicorns went.

First composition:

  • Vizicsacsi
  • Dan
  • PowerOfEvil
  • Vardags
  • Hylissang

At EU CS Summer 2014, the guys did not perform very convincingly: in both "series" they took only 5-8 places, which allowed them to score 6 points and qualify for the playoffs from the 6th line of the standings. In the elimination matches, luck smiled at UOL and they managed to beat G2 Esports, who took 3rd place in the group stage.

In the semifinals, H2K was waiting for them. Unicorns of Love lost, but managed to defeat Ninjas In Pajamas in the bronze medal match. Thanks to the prize-winning place, UOL earned a chance to advance to the first division.

Losing 0-2, UOL managed to find the strength and turn the game in their favor. 3-2 for UOL and they pass in the LCS EU.

Moving to the highest level

Dan left the team before the next season and was replaced by Kikis and Gilius.

Unicorns of Love roster at LCS EU Spring 2015

Unicorns of Love roster at LCS EU Spring 2015

In their first split at a high level, the team settled in the middle of the standings, finishing in 5th place with a stats of 9-9 in the group stage. Nevertheless, the guys had a fighting spirit, so they managed to reach the final in the playoffs, having beaten Gambit Esports and SK Gaming before that.

In the final they were to face Fnatic. Let us remind you that before that the British organization had won victories in all splits in the LCS EU series.

The unicorns had to recoup again: although Fnatic lost the first map, they returned very confidently, making the score 2-1 in their favor. UOL managed to bring everything to a decisive map.

Despite a flat start, FNC had a too good midgame to prevent Unicorns of Love from becoming LCS EU champions.

2nd place is a good result, which is why the management decided to keep the current squad for the summer split.

UOL finished the group stage again with 9-9 statistics, but this time they took the 4th place, which in the end they took: having beaten Team ROCCAT in the quarter-finals, the unicorns stumbled upon Fnatic in the semifinals. This time a bitter struggle did not work out and the team went to play the match for 3rd place, where they lost to H2K 0-3.

Unicorns of Love on their debut split

Unicorns of Love on their debut split

Thanks to the points they earned for the entire season, UOL got the first seed in the regional qualifiers for the Worlds. They were waiting for an opponent and they had to play only one game against one of the three remaining teams.

Despite their high status, they failed to oppose Orgien: 0-3 and unicorns do not go to the Worlds.

After such a defeat, the team's morale dropped and PowerOfEvil and Vardags left it. We went to IEM Season X San Jose, UOL with a new line-up:

  • Vizicsacsi
  • Gilius
  • Fox
  • Steelback
  • Hylissang

Unicorns of Love roster at IEM Season X San Jose

Unicorns of Love roster at IEM Season X San Jose

The new roster failed to overcome the 1/6 finals, losing to the future finalists - Counter Logic Gaming.

Offensive defeats

Before the start of the new season, Diamondprox joined the team. A legionnaire from the CIS replaced Gilius.

Unicorns of Love at EU LCS Spring 2016

Unicorns of Love at EU LCS Spring 2016

In the spring, the unicorns, like last year, took 5th place in the group stage, but in the playoffs they again lost to Origen in the first match.

The team had huge ambitions, especially after the first season, so this result did not suit them. Large-scale changes took place, as a result of which only Vizicsacsi and Hylissang remained in the team from the previous roster, and Move, Exileh and Veritas joined them.

The organizers of the tournament decided to slightly change the format of the tournament, so in the summer split all matches were played in the BO2 format, instead of the usual BO1.

Such changes had a bad effect on the performance of the unicorns: 6th place in the group stage with statistics of 6-5-7.

In the playoffs, Unicorns of Love managed to make a small sensation by beating Giants Gaming, who after the regular season were on the third line of the table, but in the semifinals they stumbled upon G2, and by that time they had already seized the palm in the European region. Result: 1-3 in favor of G2 and unicorns fall into the match for 3rd place.

It was not the first time for UOL to play such matches, but experience did not help them to overcome H2K. The team takes 4th place again.

Unicorns of Love qualified for the Worlds Regional Qualifiers for the second year in a row, but this time they had to go all the way in three matches. Quite confidently, they managed to beat Giants Gaming, then made a sensation by beating Fnatic 3-0, but stumbled against Splyce: in a tense series, two equal teams exchanged maps, but the unicorns were constantly catching up. 2-3 and UOL do not go to the Worlds again.

The victory at IEM Season XI Oakland helped them brighten up the bitterness of defeat. In the final, they managed to defeat a strong team from Taiwan - Flash Wolves, and the audience remembered the squad manager for his impressive costume.

Unicorns of Love - IEM Season XI Oakland Winners!

Unicorns of Love - IEM Season XI Oakland Winners!

Despite the victory at the prestigious tournament, the team was expected to be replaced. Korean legionnaires Move and Veritas left the roster and were replaced by Xerxe and Samux.

At the beginning of the season, the unicorns had to test their strength at the IEM Season XI World Championship. The roster failed: they could not get out of the group stage, losing to the teams G2 and Flash Wolves.

UOL had little time to correct the mistakes, but nevertheless they succeeded: the spring split Unicorns Of Love took the second place, losing to the same G2. The team lost 12 maps out of 39.

The unicorns also started their performance well in the summer. In their group, they are in second place, right after H2K.

Unicorns of Love in 2017

Unicorns of Love in 2017

Unfortunately, they did not manage to perform well in the playoffs either: the team lost to Misfits Gaming dry and took 5th-6th place.

UOL again qualified for the regional qualifiers for the Worlds and in the second match got to H2K.

In 2017, the unicorns also failed to make it to the Worlds: in a dramatic match, H2K turned out to be stronger on the decisive map of the confrontation and advanced to the final of the tournament.

Three failures in a row completely unsettled the team and it was decided to almost completely change the composition.

UOL roster for 2018:

  • Exileh
  • Kold
  • Totoro
  • Neon
  • Audrey

This roster failed to show even some of what unicorns were capable of before: 10th place in spring and 7-8th place in summer.

Welcome to the CIS!

To interrupt a series of failures, the organization changed the vector of its development and moved to a new region, it turned out to be the CIS. Having assembled the dream team, the organization took the place of Team Just in the summer split of 2019 and has since begun to smash everyone.

The first UOL roster in the CIS:

  • BOSS
  • AHaHaCiK
  • Nomanz
  • Innaxe
  • Edward

In the 9th competitive season, this team could still be opposed by Vega Squadron and Gambit Esports. UOL in a bitter struggle took the title of the winners of the Continental League for themselves.

Unicorns of Love are the winners of LCL Summer 2019!

Unicorns of Love are the winners of LCL Summer 2019!

As it turned out later, the roster was completely uncompetitive in the international arena: 17th-20th place in the Worlds and departure home, but the fans did not lose heart, since the roster was not even a year old.

Since the organization came to the LCL, they have not lost a single split. They get tickets to Worlds and MSI, but when they come to these tournaments, the team changes. The confidence that you are at home disappears, the strategies that have been worked out are forgotten and, it seems, interest in the game is lost.

Watching the Continental League has become boring: you always know who will be the winner, and hopes for a good game abroad are dwindling every year.

The final straw for fans was MSI 2021. Unicorns of Love took off in the group stage, leaving behind Royal Never Give Up and Pentanet.GG. If the Chinese were the favorites of the group, then everyone expected an easy victory over the Australians, but this did not happen. Many found excuses for such a bad game, but in fact the whole thing was in the team, which is enough of the position that it currently occupies and does not want to move forward at all.


It was the sad story of Unicorns of Love. What should we learn from this story? The fact that, in spite of everything, you have to constantly strive for something new and look for strength in yourself to overcome your comfort zone, and if you do not do this, then the harm will be not only for you, but also for those around you.

Next week we will tell the story of Team Origen.

See you at the Rift!