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March 12th, 2021

HellRaisers kicked VANSKOR and tested Zayac

Organization HellRaisers decided to change the Dota 2-roster. Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod has been put up for transfer, and Bakyt Zayac Emilzhanov is now on the test.

It is noteworthy that HR with VANSKOR were at the bootcamp, retained their place in the second division of ESL One CIS DPC 2021, but put Ivan on transfer the day before the start of the open qualifiers.

HR kicked VANSKOR the day before qualifiers

HR kicked VANSKOR the day before qualifiers

Zayac seems to have moved from Kyrgyzstan to St. Petersburg and now plays with a good ping. At the time of this writing, HellRaisers are playing with PuckChamp in the group stage of EPIC League Season 3.

It is noteworthy that lil me alone is changing position - he is now in the top five, and Zayac is on the four. It is not the first time Ilya has made such castling, in the days of NAVI, lil me alone played with a five, and LeBron played with a four - this was not crowned with success.

HellRaisers lost to Brame and Winstrike in the group stage, but defeated Prosti Esli. The match with PuckChamp is Zayac's debut for HR.

Roster HellRaisers

  • Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzaev (carry)
  • Nikita Young G Bochko (mid)
  • Roman Resolut1on Fominok (offlane)
  • Bakyt Zayac Emilzhanov (support four)
  • Ilya Lil me Alone Ilyyuk (support five)


  • Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod