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June 4th, 2021

Group Stage on Weplay Animajor 2021 - Predictions (Day One)!

The long-awaited Weplay Animajor 2021 group stage kicks off today, with 8 teams battling it out for the playoffs.

As a reminder, according to the format, 2 teams will go to the upper bracket, and 6 will play in the lower bracket. Following the Wildcard results, we will see Vici Gaming and Nigma in the groups.

14:00 - Evil Geniuses vs. TNC Predator @ BO2


Opening match, debut for both teams in this tournament. It's hard to say anything about the teams' uniforms, we haven't seen representatives of this region in Wildcard. Seasonally, the competition in Southeast Asia is clearly higher than in North America, but EG and Quincy Crew are at completely different levels compared to T1, TNC Predator or Execration.

Wildcard taught me to tend to draws and odds, most likely the teams will play 1:1.

Bookmakers: 1.716 per EG; 10 for TNC and 2.84 for a draw.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses and TNC Predator will draw - odds 2.84

14:00 - Team Liquid vs. beastcoast @ BO2


beastcoast missed the playoffs of the last Major due to COVID, but now they've got it and are clearly charged to win. The same goes for Team Liquid, they lost to Alliance and Team Secret this season, but with the arrival of SumaiL they started to play much better and deserve to go to the playoffs.

beastcoast as a "dark horse" and an outsider, they are used to this status and they are comfortable playing like that.

Bookmakers: 2.37 for Team Liquid, 6.1 for beastcoast and 2.24 for a draw.

Predict: Handicap by maps (beastcoast 1.5) - beastcoast will win on one map - odds 1.62

16:00 - Evil Geniuses vs. Team Spirit @ BO2


The second match for EG and the first for Team Spirit. The Spiritualists recently played well at the Pinnacle Cup 2021, were able to become champions, but it cannot be said that everything was clean and confident there. 3:2 with Winstrike - clearly can be called a confident victory, they also showed their meta heroes.

The only concern is for EG's condition after the flight and the time zone change. On paper, Evil Geniuses is the clear favorite.

Bookmakers: 2.132 for Evil Geniuses, 7.1 for Team Spirit and 2.37 for a draw

Predict: Handicap by maps (Team Spirit - 1.5) - Spirit will win on one map - odds 1.76

16:00 - PSG.LGD vs. beastcoast @ BO2


PSG.LGD are the main contenders for victory in the tournament against the "dark horse" - beastcoast. A steep carnage awaits us, from the Peruvians we expect a quick game, and from the LGD we expect a cool performance. This is the first game of the day for the Chinese team, and the Peruvians will play against Team Liquid.

Bookmakers: 2.048 on PSG.LGD, 2.425 on a draw and 7.6 on beastcoast. China will clearly be stronger than South America and therefore LGD should very easily outplay beastcoast here.

Predict: PSG.LGD will win beastcoast - odds 2.048

In the second part, the predictions for the remaining 4 matches of the current day of the group stage will be published.