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November 18th, 2019

GODSENT win WePlay! Forge of Masters S2

The European team GODSENT has conquered the first place at WePlay! Forge of Masters S2. This is the first LAN that Mikail "Maikelele" Bill’s line-up has won since signing with the Swedish organization.

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They began their path to the trophy in Group A. There, the European roster defeated forZe and Team GamerLegion. Thus, GODSENT reached the Playoff stage, where later they were joined by Tricked Esport, Gambit Youngsters, and thе above-mentioned GamerLegion.

After that, the team led by Kevin kRYSTAL Amend faced off against Gambit Youngsters. They beat the CIS five with a 2-0 score (16-9 Dust II, 16-7 Overpass) and proceeded to the grand final, where their opponent was Tricked. The Danes didn’t manage to take down GODSENT, so it resulted in a 0-2 defeat for them (14-16 Nuke, 8-16 Inferno).

Final results:

  • 1. GODSENT ($ 50,000)
  • 2. Tricked ($ 20,000)
  • 3-4. Gambit YNG, GamerLegion ($ 10,000 each)
  • 5-6. forZe, Heretics (each for $ 3,000)
  • 7-8. CPH Flames, Winstrike ($ 2,000 each)

The LAN-finals of the second season of WePlay! Forge of Masters in CS:GO were running from November 15 to 17. The prize pool of the event was $100,000. According to HLTV's statistics, Pavel maden Boskovich was the most valuable player of the tournament, as he scored 1.28 KDR in six maps.