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November 15th, 2019

GODSENT, Tricked move on to WePlay! Forge of Masters S2 playoffs

GODSENT and Tricked Esports have secured their spots in the Playoff stage of WePlay! Forge of Masters S2. They have conquered the first place in their respective groups, winning two maps in a row.

Tricked csgo

HUNDEN's squad advanced to the semifinals
photo credit: DreamHack | Adela Sznajder

GODSENT's path to the next phase of the tournament ran through Group A. In the opening match, they beat forZe on Dust II, bouncing back from a 12-14 score to 16-14. Afterward, the European team faced off against Team GamerLegion. They defeated them on Overpass, 16-12, with zehN making 30 kills (30-16 K-D, 1.54 KDR).

Tricked, on the other hand, took the leading spot in Group B. The Danish five started off by winning over Heretics on Nuke, 16-12, and then they crushed Gambit Youngsters on Train. The Russian team scored 7 rounds during the entire game - 16-7.

All results of Day One:

  • Winstrike 10-16 GamerLegion | Dust II
  • Gambit YNG 16-6 CPH Flames | Inferno
  • forZe 14-16 GODSENT | Dust II
  • Tricked 16-12 Heretics | Nuke
  • GODSENT 16-12 GamerLegion | Overpass
  • Tricked 16-7 Gambit YNG | Train

On the second day of the competition, viewers will see the final matches of the group stage: elimination and decider. It is set to begin with a series between forZe and Winstrike Team, and after that it will be Copenhagen Flames and Team Heretics who should enter the server. Later, it will be followed by the deciders, where GamerLegion and Gambit YNG are waiting for their opponents to come.

You can follow the schedule and results of WePlay! Forge of Masters S2 via our viewer’s guide. The broadcast of the tournament is available on the event’s page.