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April 4th, 2021

Gen.G beat T1 to advance to LCK Spring Split 2021 grand final

The first game was dictated by Gen.G: having earned first blood on Aphelios, the team began to avoid any fights, which they did perfectly. Until the 29th minute, the scoreboard counted only one kill, earned at the very beginning of the map. Having fired all the slots necessary to win, Gen.G began to crush T1 so that Faker and the company could not oppose anything. 10-0 for kills and 1-0 for Gen.G.

The second map was played in a more equal manner. Both teams only occasionally exchanged "punches", but on 28 minutes Bdd catches Cuzz on an mistake and this opens the way for Gen.G to Baron Nashor. After capturing a neutral object, Rascal's perfect ultimate forces the remaining T1 and Gen.G team members to split up, taking all targets one by one.

On the third map, T1 decided to try to play through the unmet Samira. The idea ultimately failed completely: a large amount of control from Gen.G did not allow Teddy to use the ultimate even once per game, and without the damage from ADC, there was nothing to break through the Gen.G setup.

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3-0 for Gen.G and a slot in the split grand final against DAMWON KIA. T1 comes in 4th place with $22,128 in prize money and 30 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

Watch the Grand Finals on April 10 at 09:00 CET on the event page.