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April 10th, 2021

G2 sensationally lost to Rogue at LEC Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

At the beginning of the first map, Inspired was expertly clearing out its own and the enemy's jungle. Leaving Jankos behind, he went to the gank to the topper and earned FB. The game was slow and the jungler Rogue continued to build up his advantage, but at the 15th minute the team makes a mistake, due to which they lose Rell, T1 tower and dragon. RGE have a good fight at 22 minutes, but make mistakes on Baron Nashor and give all the advantage. G2 wins in 35 minutes.

On the second map, G2 picked up Blitzcrank: a powerful combo capable of killing any champion in a couple of seconds, combined with Jhin, Twisted Fate and Nocturne, it looked strong. Inspired on Nidalee created the necessary tension on all lanes, and also drove Jankos out of his jungle, which was the decisive factor on this map. Nocturne couldn't deal enough damage, and Twisted Fate with Shurelya's Battlesong was a bad idea. With 4 killed G2 champions in the 31st minute, the Rogue wins.

The third map for the G2 botlane started badly: 2 Flashes knocked out and a FB dealt, but after a couple of minutes Rekkless will level the playing field by killing Ash. At 16 minutes, Inspired had 3 kills out of 4 and made a game for his team. After 9 minutes, the Rogues take the 3 G2 champions, as well as Baron Nashor, and end the game in their favor.

The last map of this confrontation started well for G2: Jankos on Udyr was able to gank to the mid lane and earn an early advantage, but Inspired was better in this series and after 2 minutes helped the team to take 3 kills. On the 14th minute, G2 were able to take Hans sama under his own tower, but the rest of the Rogue players did not let them leave: a 3-for-4 exchange was not in favor of G2. The key moment was the death of Udyr and Karma while trying to gank Varus. Rogues take 3 dragons and, after killing 4 G2 champions, close the map in their favor.

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3-1 for Rogue and tomorrow they will face MAD Lions in the grand final. The G2 finish in third place and earn $35,702 in prize money as well as 50 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

Watch Rogue vs MAD Lions tomorrow at 17:00 CET on the event page.