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December 23rd, 2019

G2 Esports win Champions Cup Finals

The European team of G2 Esports became the winner of Champions Cup Finals in CSGO, having defeated the Russian squad of Team Spirit in the final match with a 2-0 score. For their victorious performance, they earned $150,000 of prize money.

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G2 has won its first LAN since the addition of nexa and huNter-
photo courtesy of StarLadder

On the draw’s outcome, G2 found themselves in Group B. In their first match, they beat BIG on Inferno, delivering a strong performance on the T side (9-4) — 16-12. After that, the Europeans met with Hard Legion. They outclassed the Russian five in the game for a semifinal spot without dropping a map, 2-0: 16-9 Vertigo, 16-7 Mirage. Eventually, in the Playoffs, they were joined by FURIA, ENCE, and Team Spirit.

ENCE Esports were the next opponent of the French-Serbian lineup. The Finnish team managed to put up a decent fight, but at the end, they were defeated 1-2: 13-16 Mirage, 16-14 Dust2, 17-19 Train. Then, G2 Esports advanced to the grand-final, where they would go on to compete with Spirit. Earlier in the event, the Russian roster prevailed over the Brazilians of FURIA, 2-0: 16-4 Mirage, 16-11 Nuke.

The decisive Best of 3 series between G2 and Team Spirit lasted for two maps. First, the Samurai won over their rival on Train, 16-13, and second, they got the job done on the enemy’s pick, Mirage, closing out the game at 16-11. Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač boasted the best statistics in the final as he scored a 1.61 rating by the end of this match (60-35 K-D, 108.0 ADR).

The final results:

  • 1. G2 ($150,000)
  • 2. Spirit ($50,000)
  • 3-4. ENCE, FURIA ($25,000 each)
  • 5-6. Movistar Riders, Hard Legion ($15,000 each)
  • 7-8. TYLOO, BIG ($10,000 each)

According to the HLTV database, the most valuable player of Champions Cup Finals is huNter-. Taking into account his results throughout all 8 maps he had played, the Serbian rifler averaged a 1.41 KDR. On the second place of the leaderboard is Nikolay "mir" Bityukov, who delivered a 1.25 rating.