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December 23rd, 2019

G2 and Spirit to compete for Champions Cup Finals trophy

G2 Esports and Team Spirit have advanced to the grand-final of Champions Cup Finals in CSGO. In the semifinal stage of the tournament, they managed to take down ENCE and FURIA, respectively. The final match is scheduled for December 22 and offers the main prize of $150,000.

spirit csgo

Spirit will make their first grand-final appearance
at a big LAN in 2019
photo courtesy of StarLadder

The clash between G2 and ENCE lasted for three maps. The French-Serbian lineup started the series with a victory on Mirage (16-13) but afterwards was defeated on Dust2 (14-16). It all came down to Train. In the final game, both teams won 10 rounds on the defense, so they had to define a winner in the overtime. There, it was G2 who came out on top, closing out the decider at 19-17.

Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač was the most valuable player of the match. In this Best of 3, he scored a 1.24 rating (72-66 K-D, 91.2 ADR). The biggest amount of AWP kills were made by Aleksi "allu" Jalli (33), who also boasted the highest KDR amongst all ENCE performers (1.05).

On the other hand, the meeting of Team Spirit and FURIA Esports wasn’t as tense as the previous one. The Russian squad got a 2-0 victory over its opponent. First, they crushed them on Mirage (16-4), collecting 11 points while performing as the Ts. Second, Spirit finished what they started on Nuke, managing to stop a comeback from the Brazilian side. After an 11-11 mark had been passed, they picked up five rounds in a row as the CTs, 16-11.

Artem "iDISBALANCE" Egorov had the highest rating in this series. His KDR after 47 rounds was 1.37. He found 38 kills (38-26 K-D), using the AWP in 18 of them.

The tournament bracket

Matches of the final game-day at Champions Cup Finals are set to run on December 22. It will kick off with the third-place decider between ENCE and FURIA, where $30,000 are up for grabs. After that, viewers will see the grand-final series, in which G2 Esports will take on Team Spirit.

Schedule, results, and other information about the Eden Esports tournament is available in our viewer’s guide. You can watch the live stream of this championship on our website, on the event’s page.