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April 11th, 2021

FPX qualified for the LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs Grandfinal

On the first map, EDward Gaming decided to surprise FunPlus Phoenix with Qiyana's pick in the mid lane and they did it. The master of the elements defended the middle lane with dignity, and with the help of her allies, she was able to kill Doinb at all. FPX made some serious mistakes, which led to EDG taking the advantage on the map, but already at the 19th minute they managed to make an ace and return to the game. Already on the next dragon, EDward Gaming won a 5-in-1 fight and took Baron Nashor. The gold advantage has reached 6 thousand. Despite FPX's good attempts to turn the tide of the battle again, they fail and EDG steal the second Nashor. EDward Gaming won in 31 minutes.

On the second map, Doinb surprised the enemies with Akali's pick. Having a worse farm than his opponent, he did a lot of damage, prolonged fights, and also won a lot of time. FPX were inferior in terms of keels, but farmed very well, thanks to which they were able to get the necessary advantage. The key fight takes place at 18 minutes: FPX manages to pick up 4 EDG champions and place the necessary wards on the approach to Baron Nashor. FunPlus Phoenix kill 2 Nashors, earn the soul of an air dragon and end the map in their favor.

On the third map, FunPlus Phoenix continued to experiment with mid champions. This time Lulu visited the center line. The game was extremely unfortunate for FPX: the team lacked firepower and tankiness, and Lulu could not give it. The fight on the 23rd minute becomes decisive, where Jayce was able to give out a colossal amount of damage under the control of his team. 2-1 for EDG.

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The Phoenixes started the fourth map with a score of 0-3, but thanks to the weak farm of the enemy Renekton and the smart actions of Tian, ​​they were able to stay afloat. EDward Gaming scored 8-2 in their favor, but FunPlus Phoenix made up for it by pushing the tavers. The key moment was the fight at the 16th minute, when FPX were able to trade 5v2 and from that moment the game was under their control. FPX picks up Nashor and ends the game in 24 minutes.

The last map went smoothly for the Champions of 2019: Doinb was able to earn 2 easy frags in mid, and in the 8th minute he helped to kill 4 opponents in a fight for Herald. They manage to take the mountain dragon's soul in 23 minutes, and then Baron Nashor. FPX finish the match in 28 minutes.

3-2 for FunPlus Phoenix and they become the first grand finalists of the LPL Spring Split 2021. EDward Gaming will fight for the second slot with Royal Never Give Up.