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April 7th, 2021

FPX beat RNG at LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs without any problems

The first map gave us a lot of bloody battles. At the 5th minute, a fight occurs, in which 7 out of 10 champions die, and the Royal Never Give Up gains a slight advantage. After 8 minutes, the teams are exchanging towers and FunPlus Phoenix is ​​already very close to their opponents. Then, thanks to the brilliant move Crisp, Orianna earns a doublekill, and Gnar on the bot makes a mistake and gives up the kill and the tower. RNGs were able to steal 4th dragon and delay the inevitable defeat, but not for long. FPX without a fight take the cloud soul, Baron Nashor and end the game in mid.

It is worth noting that the picks of all maps will not differ much from each other, and therefore on the second map we again saw Tristana, Gnar, Lillia, Udyr, Rell and Orianna. Nuguri took Irelia and made the right decision: the colossal advantage in farming and damage over the enemy topper was a decisive factor in this game. After the lost Baron Nashor, FPX were able to give a worthy fight and RNG could not get a decisive advantage on this map, and the fight on the second Baron allowed Nuguri and Lwx to end the game in their favor.

On the third map, after the fight on the dragon, FPX unsuccessfully exchanged, choosing a bad positioning, but after 2 minutes they rehabilitated themselves: they kill the entire RNG team and take Baron Nashor. On the 24th minute, Nuguri and Tian successfully split the opposing team and take all the targets one by one.

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3-0 for FunPlus Phoenix and they go to the final of the Upper Bracket, where they will face the winner of the EDward Gaming - Top Esports pair.

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