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April 5th, 2021

FPX advance to Quarter Finals at LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

On the first map, FunPlus Phoenix took a good bunch of ultimates: Nocturne, Gangplank and Orianna. However, JD Gaming did not want to just let go of the draft stage and responded with Jinx and Sett. The game went on exactly until the fight on the 24th minute, where Aphelios was left without attention and Lwx punished the entire enemy team for this. After this fight, Aphelios got a decisive advantage over the opponent's ADC and JD Gaming could not withstand his damage.

On the second map, Tristana was picked for the young talent and Lwx again showed the highest level of play, never dying. After a fatal mistake from Gragas, in a fight at 16 minutes, FPX captured almost the entire map and after 7 minutes finished the game in their favor.

The third map is very easy for JDG. FunPlus Phoenix grossly made a mistake at the very beginning of the game when diving on Ornn, giving him two kills. Following Kanavi single-handedly managed to take Senna and take away his forest from Volibear. FPX tried to save the map by catching Zoe in the 24th minute, but JDG did not let them take the Baron, earning a quadrakill for Graves, but the game did not end there. Nuguri forced Ornn to move to his base and, dying, but destroying the inhibitor, gave an advantage to his team, which was protecting their nexus. FPX had a chance to finish the game in 32 minutes, but Kanavi single-handedly managed to deal with the opponent's 3 champions and bury the chances of a comeback.

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Both teams decided to play the last map in a more relaxed style. The first blood was taken by JD Gaming only on the 9th minute, but the next frag was not long in coming. In the dragon battle, FPX does 2 kills and grabs a slight advantage. JDG were able to put up a good fight on Baron Nashor and returned to the game, but after 7 minutes FPX won the fight again and took the meeting 3-1.

FunPlus Phoenix advance to the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals where they will face Royal Never Give Up, while JD Gaming is eliminated from the tournament, earning $30,453 in prize money and 20 Regional Qualifier Points at Worlds.

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