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June 30th, 2021

forZe - NAVI; K23 - VP: Predicts for StarLadder CIS RMR 2021

The second part of the predicts for the current gaming day within the framework of StarLadder CIS RMR 2021. The first part can be found here!

19:00 - K23 vs. Virtus.pro @ BO3

K23 had already managed to pull the nerves of Team Spirit, defeated them at Inferno with a score of 19:16, but then lost without a chance at Nuke and Overpass. Created a bit of a sensation by beating Entropiq 2-0 on maps on Dust 2 (16:13) and Nuke (16:12). K23 are trying to ban: Vertigo and Mirage.

Virtus.pro have 2 defeats in their group and they are one step away from not leaving the group. They have defeats from 100PG 1:2 on maps, won on Inferno 16:11, but lost on Dust 2 - 13:16 and 16:19 on Overpass. Banat: Nuke, Ancient.

With Team Spirit, VP won again on Inferno, but then lost on Dust 2 - 13:16 and 7:16 on Overpass. VP's strong point is Inferno, but their opponents manage to win with them on Dust 2 and Overpass, this story has already repeated itself twice.

Virtus.pro is a very mediocre game, and they are very unstable at the bootcamp. I would like to believe in K23. Bookmakers give odds of 2.73 for K23 and 1.436 for Virtus.pro.

Predict: K23 will unexpectedly outplay Virtus.pro - odds 2.736

19:00 - forZe vs. Natus Vincere @ BO3

The favorites of group "A", forZe and NAVI will fight among themselves for the second line, as Gambit Esports has taken the first place.

forZe in the group defeated Akuma with a score of 2:0 (16:4 @ Overpass; 22:18 @ Inferno), but lost to Gambit Esports 0:2 (12:16 @ Ancient; 6:16 @ Dust 2).

NAVI are unbeaten, defeating Nemiga Gaming 2:1 on maps, 16:7 @ Inferno, 12:16 @ Dust 2 and 16:12 @ Mirage. Just yesterday they defeated Akuma 2:0 (16:5 @ Mirage; 16:6 @ Nuke).


NAVI has well-prepared Mirage and Inferno, there are problems with Dust 2. forZe showed us completely 4 different maps: Overpass, Inferno, Ancient, Dust 2, it seems that they decided not to fire some strategies with Gambit Esports and focus on the match with NAVI.

Bookmakers give odds of 3.26 for forZe and 1.322 for NAVI. Why not believe in forZe? Especially for the 3+ coefficient.

Predict: forZe will unexpectedly win over NAVI - odds 3.26