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April 3rd, 2021

FC Schalke 04 beat Fnatic sensationally at LEC Spring Split 2021

The first map was marked by an unsuccessful decision from Fnatic in terms of picks and line-up. Lulu to the top lane was not a bad option, but the build from Bwipo through the Everfrost did not give the team the necessary survivability. On the other hand, FC Schalke 04 had a BrokenBlade Gangplank on the top, on which he was able to inflict 17 thousand damage, second only to Xayah and Sylas.

Since this strategy and recruiting of champions helped FC Schalke 04 earn the victory, they decided to stick with this game plan and again took on the 4+1 strategy with Gangplank. This time the toplainer S04 was able to inflict top damage in the game - 20 thousand, 6 thousand ahead of the closest pursuer.

The third map started well for Fnatic, but then Upset and his team made a fatal mistake on the botlane.

While 3 Fnatic champions unsuccessfully dived under the tower behind Abbedagge, FC Schalke 04 managed to level the gold gap and gave no more chance.

FC Schalke 04 win 3-0 and advance to Round 3 of the Lower Bracket where they will face off against Rogue. Fnatic are eliminated from the trophy battle and earn $ 14,701 in prize money and 20 Points.

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