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May 12th, 2021

Famous coach left the European team

FunPlus Phoenix have announced that Ivan Johnta Shevtsov is no longer the Valorant squad coach. He has now been granted free agent status and is on the lookout for a new team.


Johnta has left FunPlus Phoenix

Johnta has been the coach of FunPlus Phoenix since December 2020. His move into the discipline was a surprise, hitting the coaching role with one of the best teams in the world straight away. Under his leadership, FPX won the championship at VCT 2 Challengers 1, which took team to the Challengers Playoffs, which was a flop for the entire squad. Ivan is one of the best known coaches in the CIS. He has been a coach for Hellraisers a long time, also for teams such as TYLOO, Winstrike and CR4ZY. 

Roster FunPlus Phoenix:

  • Shao
  • ANGE1
  • dimasick
  • Zyppan
  • ShadoW