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April 26th, 2021

European Masters 2021 group stage results

Group A

Group A Results

Group A Results

BIG confidently walked through the group stage without giving up a single card to their opponents. The Prime League 1st place winners are serious about repeating their 2019 success.

For the second line and a slot in the playoffs, there was a fierce struggle among Mkers and Anorthosis Esports. The Greeks showed a good game and stubbornly resisted, but lost in the decisive mast against direct competitors.

K1CK, to the great regret of their fans, could not show a decent performance and ended up with statistics 1-5. BIG and Mkers move on.

Group B

Group B results

Group B Results

The Misfits Premier have secured first place in Group B right from the start of the tournament. The French advance to the quarter-finals with a 5-1 record.

Suppup eSports were considered underdogs, but unexpectedly for everyone, they managed to fight on a par with G2 Arctic and AGO Rogue. The fate of the second playoff ticket was in doubt until the last day. In a furious denouement, the Bulgarians emerged victorious, and they are the ones who advance along with the Misfits Premier.

Group C

Group C Results

Group C Results

UCAM eSports Club confidently skated through their group, and the rest of the teams had a score of 2-4.

For mousesports, the group stage began with a disaster: after winning one game, they lost four in a row and were by a hair's breadth from relegation, but Illuminar Gaming and Macko Esports couldn't find victories either.

As a result of the replay, mousesports earned the right to compete in the quarter finals.

Group D

Group D Results 

Group D Results

Karmine Corp came out as the winners in their group. S04E occupied the second place most of the time, but they failed the last day, giving a ticket to the playoffs of BT Excel.

Cream Real Betis failed: they only managed to beat FC Schalke 04 Evolution once.


Play-off bracket EM 2021

Play-off bracket EM 2021

The playoff stage will begin on April 27 and end with a grand final on May 2. Follow the European Masters matches on the event page.