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May 4th, 2021

"Europe is on fire" - Results of the European Masters Spring 2021

The European Masters has come to an end. The victory was won by Karmine Corp. In this article we will discuss all the results and speculate on what this can lead to.

Views and hype

Tournament statistics from escharts

Tournament statistics from escharts

This year, the European Masters has updated the record for the number of views: 377 thousand fans watched the final, which is three times more than last year in the summer. The average number of viewers per broadcast has doubled.

Interest in the tier-2 scene is growing and this is good: more people are starting to play or are seriously thinking about an esports career. Viewers learn about their local teams and start cheering for them. The President of France personally congratulated the winners of the tournament.

Congratulations from Emmanuel Macron to the Karmine Corp team

Congratulations from Emmanuel Macron to the Karmine Corp team

Dear @KarmineCorp!

It won't surprise you if I tell you that I am not a LoL expert, but I wanted to send you this message after hearing of your remarkable victory. As European Masters champions, you honor our flag. You show all of Europe that the French are talented in esports. So a huge congratulations to the whole team!

Emmanuel Macron

New stars

There are examples where players from national leagues make it to the LEC and become champions, and in this section we would like to talk about new talents that have shown themselves well in this championship.



Adam showed an unrealistic level of play at the top. It is his performance that is one of the key factors in the victory of the French team. Toplaner Karmine Corp has a wide champion pool and an excellent understanding of macro play.

Plasma, from UCAM Esports Club, also performed well as a support. His hooks on Thresh constantly made a huge impact in important fights, and a solid pool of champions makes him one of the main contenders for getting into the tier-1 team.



Gadget has already played for Unicorns of Love, but decided to leave for Europe. It was he who brought new strategies and picks to mousesports. His mechanical skill is amazing at times, and the non-standard champions in the ADC position constantly confused enemies.



klowny and his team almost worked a miracle, winning the first map against Karmine Corp in the quarter-finals, but then lost two. Despite this, he remains one of the strongest toppers of this championship, which, at the time of this writing, has already managed to leave Suppup eSports. Let's wish him good luck in the new team.

Strength of the region and individual countries

Poland failed in this tournament: all three teams finished their performances in 13-16 places. Considering that AGO Rogue were the champions last time, this is a big blow to the national scene.

Also, despite the good result of UCAM Esports Club, it can be noted that Spain has become much weaker. G2 Arctic and Cream Real Betis failed to demonstrate anything sensible in the group stage stage and were eliminated.

The North European Region (NLC) was represented by just one team and it reached the grand final. It is possible that the organizers will reconsider the distribution of slots for the summer tournament, and we will see more teams from this championship.

The Greeks, Serbs and Italians performed unexpectedly well. Don't let the 9-12 places confuse you, for these guys this is a very good growth.

The teams in this championship made a lot of mistakes, which are not forgiven on the shooting range-1 stage. Even the champions of the tournament gave up the map in the final, leading 10 thousand in gold, but in general we can say that the younger generation will be worthy successors to the current champions.

Team standings and prize money

  • 1st place - Karmine Corp - €40,000
  • 2nd place - BT Excel - €25,000
  • 3rd-4th place - UCAM Esports Club - €13,500
  • 3rd-4th place - mousesports - €13,500
  • 5th-8th place - Mkers - €8,000
  • 5th-8th place - Suppup eSports - €8,000
  • 5th-8th place - Misfits Premier - €8,000
  • 5th-8th place - BIG - €8,000
  • 9th-12th place - Anorthosis Esports - €4,000
  • 9th-12th place - G2 Arctic - €4,000
  • 9th-12th place - Macko Esports - €4,000
  • 9th-12th place - FC Schalke 04 Evolution - €4,000
  • 13th-16th place - K1CK - €2,500
  • 13th-16th place - Illuminar Gaming - € ,500
  • 13th-16th place - AGO ROGUE - €2,500
  • 13th-16th place - Cream Real Betis - €2,500


These were the results of the European Masters 2021 Spring, and even though the tournament has come to an end, we must not relax in any case, since MSI 2021 is already on the nose! Follow the matches of the main spring tournament on the event page.

See you at the Rift!