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January 8th, 2021

ESL One CIS DPC Decider Tournament: What you should know?

Decider Tournament to ESL One CIS DPC will take place from January 8 to 11, 8 teams will compete for four slots in the first division, and the rest will go to the second division.

Championship system: double elimination (upper and lower brackets). To get to the first division, the team needs to win 2 victories without defeat. If the team concedes once, they will still have the opportunity to advance to the main division through the lower bracket.

Schedule of matches for January 8

11:00 CET: HellRaisers vs. NoPangolier @ BO3
11:00 CET: EXTREMUM vs. Team Empire @ BO3
14:00 CET: NoTechies vs. Winstrike @ BO3
14:00 CET: Gambit Esports vs. B8 Esports @ BO3

Team lineups:

Gambit Esports: xannii, Lorenof, Blizzy, XSvamp1Re, eine
Winstrike: dyrachyo, re1bl, chshrct, yamich, Pantomem
EXTREMUM: nefrit, mellojul, Shachlo, Chu. G
Team Empire: Smilling Knight, gwynbleidd, Petushara, sayuw, EcNart
HellRaisers: Cooman, Nix, Resolut1on, lil me alone, VANSKOR
B8: RdO, Dendi, Sexyfat, 5up, Duster
NoPangolier: Palantimos, Pikachu, Ghostik, Bignum, CemaTheSlayer
NoTechies: Crystallize, Ergon, Malik, Zayac, Solo