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April 8th, 2021

EDG beat TES without any problems: LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

In the third minute of the first map, the foresters of both teams exchange ganks at different ends of the map, but the TES jungler dies on the bot and the score becomes 2-1 in favor of EDward Gaming. Before the first fight, teams exchange keels and towers. EDG managed to get an early advantage and on the 22nd minute they realized it in the murder of Rell, as well as an exit to Baron Nashor. Top Esports were able to steal the buff, but that didn't help them turn the map in their favor. 3 minutes after Nashor, Maiko on Alistair masterfully splits the whole fight and EDG takes the first map.

The second map started with a disaster for the EDward Gaming jungler: 2 deaths in 6 minutes and 11 minions behind. The team helped their jungler, and on 15 minutes the score was 3-5 in favor of EDG. Sejuani's unusual pick to the top greatly increased the amount of control and resilience that Top Esports could not handle: with a gold lead, TES had almost nothing to oppose. After taking Baron, EDG got into a final fight and ended the game.

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The first blood on the third map was spilled only in the fight at 12 minutes, and the total exchange of this fight was 4 for 1 in favor of EDG, however, they failed to develop an advantage in the midgame, due to the strength of the TES setup. The competent use of their resources on the 5 dragon allowed EDward Gaming to stay in the game. Nocturne to the top in the third map of the confrontation brought a lot of benefits to EDG: with his ultimate, he was able to constantly counter Jinx, thanks to which the decisive fights were 5 to 4. Top Esports lose the third map in 43 minutes and fall into the lower bracket.

3-0 for EDward Gaming and they will face FunPlus Phoenix in the Upper Bracket Final for a spot in the Grand Final.

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