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April 3rd, 2021

DWG beat HLE without any problems at LCK Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

On the first map, Hanwha Life Esports took an early lead, but when it came to fighting for neutral objects, they found they had nothing to do with DAMWON KIA. Individual performance from each team member prevented HLE from making any kills after the lane stage.

The second map was again marked by the advantage from HLE at the beginning and even more than last time, but ShowMaker on Seraphine with the Moonstone Renewer did a lot of damage and healed the whole team. Fight put everything in its place on the 21st minute. Sion became too tanky: in conjunction with Seraphine, it could not be penetrated. Also in the last fight, Khan simply did not let Jinx get through the batch and inflict damage.

The last map turned out to be a disaster for the DAMWON KIA toplaner. Khan on Gangplank at 16 minutes already had 3 deaths and was lagging behind in CS, but his situation was corrected by the team. At the 19th minute, BeryL shows the power of the magical Cho'Gath, killing Victor almost in solo before the fight. Skillfully distributing resources among fights, DWG were able to win them even in the minority from the backlog.

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3-0 for DAMWON KIA and they advance to the LCK Spring Split Championship match, and Hanwha Life Esports are eliminated from the trophy battle.

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