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March 14th, 2021

"Draft Always Matters" - Misfits vs Fnatic Match Review

The Misfits can't let FC Schalke 04 go ahead to keep the playoff chances consistent, and Fnatic only needs to win one game. Yesterday they failed to complete such a seemingly simple task, let's find out if they were able to do it today!



Picks after the first stage of the draft FNC vs MSF

Picks after the first stage of the draft FNC vs MSF

For the first 3 picks, both teams took a bunch for the bot and a champion for the jungler. From Fnatic it was Rell, Udyr and Kai'Sa, and the Misfits took Hecarim, Tristana and Alistair. I would like to note that the Rell+Kai'Sa combination has 80% winrate in the European region with 15 games, but why does it look worse on the bot in this case? The point is in the overall composition of the peak.

The Misfits took on 3 champions, with a lot of mobility, which will allow them to survive in fights. Tristana, thanks to her W skill, Alistair can get the ultimate and get out of the fight, and Hecarim is just very fast. At the same time, so far, Fnatic has such an opportunity only Udyr. Rell, after his initiation, remains at the epicenter of the fight, Kai'Sa can only break in with an ultimate, and it will be difficult to get out of the fight even with the E skill.

 Final picks FNC vs MSF

Final picks FNC vs MSF

The Misfits didn't get 4th ban and gave Fnatic an extra edge. They in turn decided to take Renekton and strengthen their front lane. In response, Ryze was taken to mid and Gnar to top. Then Fnatic made a big mistake. Seraphine versus the dive setup. A champion with the only constant control, which is her ultimate, low movement speed and low survivability. Syndra was neither in the bath nor in the dive, and she could safely stop most explosions thanks to the W skill.

The bottom line is that Misfits has a dive composition, with champions who need to go to midgame and get a lot of farm. In fights, they will quickly take one target, and immediately switch to another, or else, quietly run away and turn fights in their direction.

Fnatic has a 4+1 setup in a fight, when everyone participates in the batch, and Seraphine stands behind and, with the help of the Moonstone renewer, heals the whole team, but at the same time this whole idea can easily collapse if Seraphine gets to and quickly kill her.

Let's see what happened.

A game

Just like last time, Fnatic were able to earn an early advantage for themselves. Udyr, along with Seraphine, entered the red forest of Hecarim, who made a mistake, and instead of leaving, he began to fight with them. Ryze couldn't help. 1-0 in favor of Fnatic.

At the 6th minute, the Misfits impose a fight on the river and Fnatic decide to accept it, however, Seraphine does not yet have an ultimate and a lot of damage for kills. Kobbe pulls up from the bottom lane and takes 3 kills.

Fnatic does not like this kind of alignment and the score on the scoreboard, so they decide to put pressure on Gnar on the top, but HiRit skillfully uses the E skill and the Flash, leaving Selfmade and Bwipo in the fools.

After 3 minutes, Fnatic decide to repeat their gank attempt, but this time all the rest of the team will join them as well. 2 in 1 in favor of Fnatic, but the failure in the macro game and the whole tower on the top goes to Tristana alone.

Two minutes later, the yordle with the cannon single-handedly takes the second tower, strengthening its advantage over Kai'Sa, and in the meantime a fight ensues in the mid lane. At first, everything went well for Fnatic, but then the farmed Tristana came and equalized the losses in the fight.

In the fight after the dragon, HiRit and Razork give out phenomenal control of three Fnatic team members while their allies beat Renekton, who is left without support. 4 in 0 for the Misfits.

In the 20 minute fight, the Misfits show the true power of their composition. Tristana jumps around the fight and deals a huge amount of damage, Gnar with Alistair and Hecarim are constantly in the vanguard of the attack and cover the back line. Again 4 unanswered kills for the Misfits.

The last fight for Fnatic starts with a one-champion lead. They managed to retrieve Hecarim when he went too far on the boat. In pursuit of Ryze, they lose sight of Alistair, who does not allow the team's mid lane to be taken. Another 4 kills for the Misfits and they take the victory against Fnatic.


Fnatic still only need to win one game to advance, but if they lose to Rogue today, they risk losing a slot in the playoffs, and the Misfits will not have the most difficult game with Vitality, where they are favorites.

Last day of the LEC group stage - watch tonight on the event page!