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February 8th, 2021

"Don't wake the bear in hibernation" - match review G2 - FNC

Every sport has the very match that you always look forward to. You may not know who will win, but you know it will be hot. It was fiery hot in the Summoner's Rift yesterday. Fnatic and G2 clashed in a fierce duel to find out who is stronger this year.


Picks after the first stage of the draft in the match G2 vs FNC

Picks after the first stage of the draft in the match G2 vs FNC

In the first stage of picks, Fnatic opens with Taliyah, Thresh and Aphelios, immediately making it clear that they need to go late. G2 responds with Kai'Sa, Lillia and Camille. An obvious dive composition is emerging, designed to quickly kill one or several targets, and then continue the fight, with the resulting numerical superiority.

Final picks G2 vs FNC

Fnatic punish G2 for their self-confidence and counter-pick Camille Volibear, on which Bwipo left no chance for the Worlds last year, and also defend themselves from the dive by Azir, who, in the event of an unexpected attack, will be able to leave or split the fight with his ultimate. G2 decides to get Zoe and Alistair.


No matter how strong Bwipo was on Volibear, he started his game with a solo death, and also gave his life to Thresh on a bot. The first two kills go to G2.

After a while, the junglers of both teams decided to help on the sidelines, and if Jankos gank was not successful, then Selfmade and Nisqy were able to help earn the first kill for Fnatic at the top.

The first serious mistake was made by G2 in the 7th minute. The three of them could not kill Aphelios and allowed the death of Alistair.

After a minute and a half, Fnatic went berserker rage and decided that diving under T2 at the 9th minute would be a good idea. The result is the death of Hylissang.

Wunder makes a critical mistake on the top. His death becomes a springboard for the development of Volibear's advantage on this map.

G2 tried to rectify the situation by ganging the forester to the top, but only made the situation worse. Bwipo was able to survive in a 1v2 situation and kill Camille again.

Then Caps and Jankos decided to shift the attack vector to the mid, but there, too, they failed.

The game left the hands of the "Samurai" and then they decided to impose the first full-fledged fight in the game on the enemy's territory.

Then they decided to turn their attention back to Volibear, who had already become the most important threat to his opponents, but even from a 1 to 4 situation he was able to carry off a murder.

The defining moment was a fight on the Baron that cannot be described. This is a must see.

Trying to stay afloat, G2 does not give up the soul of the infernal dragon to Fnatic, but the last hopes for a comeback are destroyed by Hylissang with his phenomenal play.

The last fight showed the complete helplessness of the G2 team in front of the fattened Volibear. This bear was awakened in the middle of winter and is angry!

Fnatic won and proved that they don't need Caps or Reckless to be on top.

G2 will still have a chance to get even with their offenders on February 27 at 21:00 CET.

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