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April 10th, 2021

DAMWON KIA - Champions of LCK Spring Split 2021!

On the first map, DWG decided to play through the hyperlate setup from Sion and Senna, and Heimerdinger was taken on the role of support. BeryL did an excellent job with his champion: he constantly pushed the lane, preventing the enemy ADC from farming, participated in kills, and effectively dealt damage from afar during battles for neutral objects. The game was equal until 28 minutes, when DWG was able to competently split Gen.G and catch a lone Bdd. Mountain Dragon Soul, Baron Nashor and the first map for DAMWON KIA.

The second map gave us a real hack between two worthy teams. Gen.G, due to the strength of the setup in the early stages of the game, were able to earn an advantage, but made a mistake on the 30th minute when diving under the T2 tower. ShowMaker at Renekton punished the Bdd collective for this oversight and returned the game to equality. The next fights were up to the first mistake, and in a tense struggle of nerves, DAMWON KIA emerged victorious.

On the third map, the teams decided to return to more standard drafts: Victor on mid versus Orianna, Sion and Ornn on the top. From the very beginning, DAMWON KIA were able to create the necessary pressure on the bot to cut off Tristana from the farm. Canyon on Udyr was able to create an earlier advantage and convert it into early neutral facilities. In the fight at 16 minutes, DAMWON manages to pick up 4 opponents and consolidate the lead. Gen.G had a wonderful fighting position at 23 minutes, but failed to give a decent fight and missed the only chance to catch on to the final.

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3-0 for DAMWON KIA and World Champions travel to Iceland for MSI. Gen.G earn $89,197 in prize money and 70 Regional Qualifier Points at Worlds.