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May 22nd, 2021

DAMWON KIA become Second MSI 2021 Finalists!

The series between the winners of the European and Korean regions turned out to be hot: the teams needed 5 maps to determine the winner.

On the first map of the confrontation, the game went on exactly until the 17th minute, then the MAD Lions made a big mistake at the top of the map, giving the initiative to the Korean team. DAMWON opened an account on the scoreboard without any problems in 25 minutes.

The second map started the same way: the teams were farming and did not give each other a chance to come out ahead, but everything changed after the fight at 30 minutes.

Carzzy single-handedly won the fight for his team, thus earning a decisive advantage. The score was equal.

Armut picked his crown Wukong on the third map. The teams competed in who would put more pressure on one of the lines. DAMWON KIA constantly focused Humanoid and at the same time Khan found himself under pressure from the enemy jungler and topper. As a result, the lions were able to win this local battle and earned a slight advantage. In this map, everything was decided in a fight on the 29th minute.

On the fourth map, MAD Lions managed to carry out a successful series of initial exchanges. It seemed that in half an hour the lions would be celebrating their passage to the grand final, but DAMWON KIA managed to quickly regain control of the game into their own hands. The score became 2-2 and the last map was waiting for us.

The intrigue did not work: the Korean team gathered their thoughts and took MAD Lions off the map in 23 minutes. DWG go to the grand final.

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3-2 for DAMWON KIA and they will fight Royal Never Give Up for the title of Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Champions. MAD Lions are in 3-4 place, earning $25,000 in prize money.

The grand final between the Korean and Chinese teams will be held tomorrow. Keep an eye on the outcome of the main League of Legends tournament of the spring on the event page!