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February 23rd, 2021

"Crossing the Equator" - a week in Summoner's Rift

The Korean region has come out of a week's vacation, the CIS is striking in its entertainment, and in Europe things are slowly approaching the playoffs. About this and not only in the new issue of the weekly digest.

LoL European Championship

Unexpectedly for everyone, Fnatic finished this week with a score of 0-2 and gave the third place to MAD Lions. Now SK Gaming are on their heels and, unlike the UK organization, won both of their matches last weekend.

G2 and Rogue are in first place toe-to-toe, and apparently no one is going to just give up until the playoffs.

Astralis are still at the bottom of the standings, but this weekend they will have a chance to rise higher. Nikolay Akatov's team still has a chance to qualify for the knockout matches: at the moment Astralis are in 9th place, we remind you that only 6 best teams go to the playoffs based on the results of the regular season. Can Zanzarah lead his team to success on their debut split? Follow the Season 11 battles on the event page.

LEC standings after 5 weeks of play

LEC standings after 5 weeks of play

LoL Championship Series

Star Jungler Broxah was finally able to resolve his visa issues and joined the CLG, but the team's reinforcement did not help. They finished 0-3 this week and are still in last place in the standings.

The Golden Guardians won one more victory this weekend. They managed to beat one of the split favorites - 100 Thieves. In a stubborn match, in which 2 elder dragons managed to appear, losing in personal skill, GG were able to show the strength of the correct pick, while they were able to surprise with unusual preparations. We hope that they have a lot of blanks left, because they need to rise from the 9th place.

After the third week as many as 3 teams share the second place. Dignitas, TSM and 100 Thieves have 6-3 stats. In the first place are also Cloud9 with a score of 7-2.

LCS standings after 3 weeks of play

LCS standings after 3 weeks of play

LoL Champions Korea

Korea came out after a week's hiatus, and spent the first week in the second half of the spring split quite calmly. Brion Esports moved up one line from last place by winning one game, unlike SANDBOX Gaming, who lost both.

DRX also moved up one position. The newcomers from the academy are doing well and are now ranked 3rd with 7-3 stats.

The first place is also taken by DAMWON KIA. Together with Gen.G, they have already guaranteed themselves participation in the playoff stage of the spring split.

LCK standings after 5 weeks of play

LCK standings after 5 weeks of play

LoL Continental League

CIS surprises with the number of pentakills. For 4 days they have already accumulated 3 pieces. This time the ADC of the CrowCrowd team - Kinzu scored. Together with the team, he was able to turn over the badly started teamfight and kill five opponents personally.

Unicorns Of Love have solidified their title as the best team in the CIS and are going 4-0 after the second week. They are followed by three teams with 3-1 stats: CrowCrowd, One Breath Gaming and Gambit Esports. CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron never managed to earn at least one victory for themselves and, therefore, close the standings.

LCL table after 2 weeks of play

LCL table after 2 weeks of play

League News

Patch 11.4 has been released, which slightly weakened popular champions and empowered items with the Gruesome Wounds effect. The main meme was the addition of 2 health points to Amumu. Now he has 615 HP instead of 613.

Buff Amumu

Buff Amumu

Weakened Samira and Kai'Sa. These are the champions who were all too often taken to the ADC position during the 11.3 patch. Items with the effect of weakening healing have increased the characteristics of ability power, attack and additional health. This is due to the fact that earlier players, even if these items were needed, chose an alternative to them, because against their background they seemed weak.

Buff of items with the

Buff of items with the "Grievous wounds" effect

Also Riot Games decided to reduce the amount of experience gained from some jungle minions. The developers argue this decision by the fact that "the junglers have too much influence on the game."

There was a lot of excitement in the community about the new top 1 EUW account. Players suspect that this account has something to do with Riot Games, as it gets too much LP for wins, and loses just as little if lost.

Top 1 EUW account statistics

Top 1 EUW account statistics

Also on reddit there was a lot of support for a post that many champions like Samira, Yone, and Yasuo “have too much heal”. Even taking into account the "Grievous wounds", which kill such champions as Soraka, Rakan, Yumi, they restore too much health, because of this it becomes more difficult for magicians who do not have such an opportunity to play.


That was all the news of the past week. The spring split is already moving towards its end, which means that the hottest matches are just ahead. You can follow the main news of the league and the development of events in the tournament on the event page.

See you at the Rift!